Among the Yan people, Lin Yun chose the luxury car together, held hands and touched his head, behaved intimately, and walked all the way behind Lin Yun's back

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In recent days, , Some media photographed Yan Ren and Lin Yun appear on the street , They are very close , Suspected love exposure . It is said that Lin Yun and Yan Renzhong came to 4S Shop selection of luxury cars .

In the photo , Lin Yun is wearing a gray short sleeved coat , Wearing a blue mask . Yan Renzhong wears white short sleeves , With a cowboy coat outside , He also wears a dark blue cap on his head .

Yan Ren and Lin Yun came to 4S Choose luxury cars in the store , Discussed for a while , Lin Yun did not forget to look at Yan Renzhong , Seems to be asking for his opinion .

after , Yan Renhe and Lin Yun walk out 4S shop , They naturally took each other's hand and rested on the roadside for a while .

In the evening , Yan Renhe and Lin Yun go to the restaurant to have dinner , Come to the office building and continue to work . On the road , Yan Renzhong picked up Lin Yun, who was tired of walking, and walked all the way , The action is very intimate .

After a while , They came out of the office building , When we get to the door , Yan Ren touched Lin Yun's head very spoiled , Then they took a ride back to Yan Renzhong's home .

Yan Ren and Lin Yun show their love in public without avoiding suspicion , Two people suspected love exposure . Actually, long before , Some media have taken photos of two people in the same community .

same day , Lin Yun is wearing a white coat , Show up in a community wearing a white cap , She went out of the community and took a ride away . It was not long before , I saw Yan people wearing a blue short sleeved shirt , Black shorts , Step on slippers and come down from the upstairs of the community , They walked out of the same community one after another , Aroused widespread concern .

This year, 2 month , Lin Yun once wrote on his social platform trumpet that “ I fell in love with Yan Renzhong ” Delete later . after , Lin Yun's studio clarified that Lin Yun was a big adventure after losing , Accepted the game punishment , Afterwards, it was deleted to prevent the content from spreading .

Now , Yan Renhe and Lin Yun were photographed in the same frame many times , Two people holding hands 、 touch one's head 、 Walking on your back is very intimate , Two people suspected love exposure , It has aroused the attention of many people again .

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