The user coverage of Weilai "electric area room" has exceeded 30%

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user coverage weilai electric area

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , end 7 month 31 Japan , Wei to “ Electricity room ” The national user coverage has exceeded 30% (30.9%). stay 7 month 9 It's the first time that NIO Power Day On , Weilai official made it clear for the first time “ Electricity room ” The definition of : Distance to the power station 3 Residential buildings within kilometers belong to the category of electric district houses . and “ Electricity room ” Continued growth in coverage , This also means that it will be more convenient for Weilai users to charge .

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As can be seen from the table above , Wei to “ Electricity room ” User coverage is increasing this year 1 The month is only 20.3%, here we are 7 The month has reached 30.9%, The growth rate is still very high . According to the plan ,2025 The annual electricity district room coverage will reach 90%. besides , Wei to “ Station ratio ” It's also falling , That is, the average number of users served by a single exchange station , The lower the value, the richer the power exchange station .

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According to the latest data , By the end of 8 month 8 Japan , Weilai has been built 352 Tower in power station . And according to the plan , Wei Lai plans to 2021 During the year, a total of... Were built nationwide 700 Tower in power station , to 2025 Global construction super 4000 seat , among 1000 Located outside the Chinese market .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

 Wei to “ Electricity room ” The user coverage rate has exceeded 30% Car home
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