Accelerating electrification Ford plans to cut nearly 1000 jobs in the United States

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accelerating electrification ford plans cut

[ Car home New energy ]  A few days ago, the media reported that , Ford is seeking to cut jobs in the United States through a voluntary buyout plan 1000 Employees . This is also the latest measure to accelerate Ford's transformation to electrification . Ford said , This will help the company ” Match the business focus to the key skills needed to turn the car business around “, At the same time to realize “Ford+” Development plan , Produce and serve more electric vehicles .

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“Ford+” The plan is the development plan announced by Ford this year , It is committed to creating iconic products and services , Build a comprehensive customer relationship , And introduce intelligent electric vehicles to the market . Ford said , at present , Some qualified employees have been notified about this plan . It is reported that , The plan will provide one-time cash compensation and welfare to employees who accept the buyout . According to the length of service in the company , Of which, the service life exceeds 20 Employees in will receive the most compensation , Including up to 6 Months of severance compensation and benefits .

 ford ( import ) ford F-150 New energy 2021 paragraph Basic type

Before that, US President Biden also made many speeches , Emphasis on promoting the development of automotive electrification in the United States , For example 2030 Years ago, the proportion of zero emission vehicles in new car sales was increased to 50%. Driven by the overall environment , Ford has also launched a high-profile electrification product , Like Ford F-150 Lightning Electric pickup trucks are very popular overseas , Previously, overseas media reported that , The total order volume of the car has exceeded... Within three weeks of starting and opening the reservation 10 Thousands of cars ; In addition, Ford also launched... In the Chinese market Mustang Mach-E models , At present, the car is also deeply concerned by Chinese consumers .( Source :cls; writing / Car home You Dongqing )

 Accelerate electrification Ford plans to lay off nearly 1000 people in the United States Car home
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