A total of several hundred million? Bentley Pebble Beach auto show lineup announced

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total million bentley pebble beach

[ Car home information ]  At this year's Pebble Beach auto show , Bentley's lineup can be said to be very large . Face this “ High end direction ” Our show , Bentley's famous Mulliner The Department will “ Gather all the dragon balls : Its Classic、Coachbuilt、Collections The three series of models will debut on the same stage for the first time . Besides , In conventional products Tim Yue ( Parameters | inquiry )S、 continental GT Speed Convertible、 Feichi plug-in hybrid version will also make its debut .

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bentley Mulliner Three series

 bentley Bacalar 2020 paragraph Basic type

『Mulliner Bacalar』

 bentley Blower 2021 paragraph Basic type


as everyone knows , bentley Mulliner There are three series , Respectively Classic、Coachbuilt、Collections. among Classic( Classic models ) The first product in the series Blower Prototype car and Coachbuilt( Body customization ) The first product in the series Mulliner Bacalar All the prototypes will be unveiled . And conventional Collections The series will also launch new models , Some existing models will also be displayed on the same stage .

Other conventional models

 bentley Tim Yue 2021 paragraph 4.0T V8 S

Tim Yue S It can be seen as a sports version of Tianyue , The new car pays more attention to sporty style in appearance and interior design , Mainly reflected in color matching 、 rim 、 Interior trim 、 Seats and many other details , In addition, it will be equipped with Bentley dynamic driving system (Bentley Dynamic Ride). motivation , The vehicle carrying 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 The engine , The most powerful 550 horsepower , Peak torque 770 cattle ・ rice ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 4.5 second .

 bentley continental 2021 paragraph GT Speed Open top version

continental GT Speed Convertible It's European GT Speed The convertible version of , It will keep Speed The version highlights the dynamic design , On this basis, a unique convertible roof is used , It can be said that it integrates the top performance 、 Super luxurious and elegant convertible . It will carry 6.0T Twin turbocharging W12 The engine , The most powerful 660 horsepower , Maximum torque 900 cattle ・ rice , The transmission system matches 8 Two speed clutch gearbox and four-wheel drive system ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 3.6 second , The maximum speed is 335km/h.

 bentley Feichi new energy 2021 paragraph Hybrid

The flying plug-in hybrid version is Bentley “Beyond100” An important part of business strategy , The design of this car is consistent with the traditional fuel version , The biggest difference is the plug-in hybrid system , And added on the body “Hybrid” Exclusive . The specific term , New car carrying 2.9T V6 Gasoline engine and E Motor Plug in hybrid system composed of motor , The maximum power of the engine 416 horsepower , Peak torque 550 cattle ・ rice ,E Motor The motor adopts 14.1 KWh lithium battery , About the 2.5 Reach full power state within hours , After cooperating with the motor, the comprehensive maximum power of the new car reaches 544 horsepower , Peak torque is 750 cattle ・ rice .( writing / Car home haohappy )

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