Is it unlikely that Wei Lai will consider making 30000 micro electric vehicles?

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unlikely wei lai consider making

[ Car home   information ] As one of the few Chinese brands to take the high-end route , Weilai has successfully promoted the image of Chinese brands . however , As the price of entry-level models of competitor Tesla continues to drop , Enter the price range with higher consumer attention , Weilai is facing unprecedented competitive pressure . Obviously, Weilai doesn't want to fight a price war with Tesla , But the volume market can't lose , In order not to affect the brand upward , Weilai has put the sub brand plan on the agenda .

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recently , Some media quoted sources as saying in an interview that , The estimated selling price of Weilai sub brand is 15-25 The price range of ten thousand yuan , And Li Bin will Wuling Hongguang MINIEV The positioning of is also taken into account .

For this message , Weilai insiders declined to comment , Another insider revealed that Li Bin likes Baojun very much KiWi EV Such a car , But never disclosed the idea of making this car .“ Li Bin thinks KiWi EV great , Maybe it's a sense of design .” Insiders describe .“ Wei Lai 3 Ten thousand yuan car is impossible , Weilai's supply chain cost has always been high in the industry , Let it drop to tens of thousands of yuan to make a relatively intelligent car , To be sure, this is impossible .”

At present, the first model of Weilai sub brand , It must compete with Tesla's entry-level model , Compete for the largest auto consumption market . And the low-end entry-level market , It's not what Wei Lai needs to do now , But with the change of market competition environment , Nor does it rule out the possibility of this in the future .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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