50 year old "Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident! An accident occurred when the vehicle was driving too fast. He was seriously injured and died

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In recent days, , Some media posted the news of the death of the famous actress Yu Yuexian on the social platform , The reason for his death was that in the film taken in Inner Mongolia, the speed was too fast , Cause an accident , He was declared dead because of his serious injury .

Later, the official media also confirmed the news , And said that Yu Yuexian's staff and family have rushed to the local area to deal with the follow-up matters .

But at present, Yu Yuexian's brokerage company has not officially responded to the news , The specific relevant information is still waiting for the response of her company , The current situation is not clear .

The accident was shocking , actually , Yu Yuexian was also active on social platforms a few days ago , She is in 8 month 5 He also released a video of himself picking mushrooms on the grassland , Very grounded .

From the recent photos taken by Yu Yuexian , She has a ruddy face and a smile , In great shape , Wearing pink clothes and a pink straw hat , Looks carefree , Grassland life is enviable .

adopt 《 Rural love 》 Well known by the public “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian , Whether on screen or in life , She has always been very popular and loved by the public .

Perhaps what few people know is , Zhao Benshan as 《 Rural love 》 Behind the scenes Director , He is also Yu Yuexian's brother-in-law . The two actors not only have a good working relationship , In private, the relationship is also very good .

But the world is changing , Now “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian was in a car accident while filming , The accident was deeply shocking . Yu Yuexian, who once brought us a lot of laughter, has passed away , But her work will remain in everyone's mind forever .

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