Baidu will hold the 2021 World Conference on August 18

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baidu hold world conference august

[ Car home   information ] 8 month 18 Japan , Baidu will hold “AI In this era , Stars and sea ” As the theme of 2021 The World Congress , The conference will be held online , use VR、XR And so on , Show Baidu AI in travel 、 life 、 industry 、 The latest achievements in the field of independent innovation and science and Technology .

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Baidu world conference is Baidu's annual industry oriented conference 、 The media 、 The highest level industry event for partners and users . The conference will show Baidu's innovative technology in an all-round way 、 Products and services 、 Business model 、 And the strategic cooperation between Baidu and its partners in the ecological value chain , And hold the most authoritative industry forum in the industry , Discuss the hot issues of industry development , And the latest technology , Meet challenges together 、 Explore development opportunities .

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In the field of travel , Baidu Apllp The road test mileage has exceeded 1300 Thousands of kilometers , Officially incorporated into the global automatic driving system SAE Grading criteria ,Apollo It is also the only Chinese company that has ranked on the global automatic driving list for two consecutive years . For nearly a year ,Apollo Unmanned cars continue to land in new cities , Obtain more manned trial operation licenses , future 3 The scope of services will be changed from the current 4 Cities expand to 30 Cities . At the same time, more options will be added to unmanned vehicles , Lincoln 、 The red flag 、 BAIC Jihu will become the brand of model cooperation .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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