Actor "Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident! The stars sent a text to mourn, and netizens' comments made people cry

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actor xie dajiao yu yuexian

According to media reports ,8 month 9 Noon 12 when 30 branch , A reporter learned from Benshan media : Famous actors 、《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Played by Ms. Yu Yuexian in 8 month 9 Unfortunately, he died in a car accident while filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia .

Then someone interviewed relevant insiders , The other side said 8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian and her team had an accident shooting in Inner Mongolia , Because the injury was too serious, he was finally declared dead .

Then the media contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , Yu Yingjie, who is also the assistant of Liu Shuangping, the art director of Benshan media . When he heard the news, he was at his home in tuchifeng, Inner Mongolia , The details are not clear .

Mr. Yu Yuexian is due to Mr. Zhao Benshan's 《 Country love story 》 He is well known for playing the role of Xie Dajiao in . Besides , She has another level of identity , It's the cousin of Zhao Benshan's wife Ma Lijuan , In short , Yu Yuexian is also Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law . Because the acting is excellent , Uncle Benshan's relatives again , In recent years, Yu Yuexian has enjoyed a smooth flow in the entertainment circle .

8 month 5 Yu Yuexian once aired his recent situation on the social platform , She was wearing a long red shirt , Wearing a red hat , Ruddy and in good condition , Introduce mushrooms to the camera , So as to help promote agricultural products in our hometown . From the dynamic of Yu Yuexian , This is her last appearance on the public platform . Looking at Yu Yuexian with a bright smile , I can't believe , She died like this .

7 month 20 Japan ,《 Rural love 15》 It's official , Yu Yuexian took many stills , Or Xie Dajiao we are familiar with , But never again “ Bigfoot supermarket ” 了 .

At present, many stars have sent messages to mourn , Zhai Tianlin cried loudly : This must be fake , I'm so sad ! Director Wu Tong posted his previous chat with Yu Yuexian , I'm sorry I didn't invite her , I didn't expect to say goodbye . Liang Long baked out a candle , Silent mourning .

Xiao Shenyang sent a sad message “ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way ”.

In the face of this sudden news , Netizens were shocked , All went to Yu Yuexian's microblog comment area to leave messages :“ That's not true ”“ The elder sister , Come out and refute the rumor ”“ Forever big feet ”. Each one is the audience friends' reluctance to give up the Moon Fairy , Every one of them makes people cry .

Country love has no thanks , May miss Yu Yuexian go all the way .

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