Yu Yuexian, Xie Dajiao in rural love, died in a car accident. Xiao Shenyang and others sent a document to mourn

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today , There is media coverage , The famous actor Yu Yuexian died . It was because Yu Yuexian was filming in Inner Mongolia , Because I was in a hurry when I went out , So there was a car accident , Died of ineffective rescue .

Relevant media and Benshan media confirmed the matter , Get a definite response . But contact his brother himself , His brother said he had just received the news , We're on our way to the scene .

Yu Yuexian is because 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao became popular in the north and south of the river , In the past, I was a cheerful and lively person , Also because of the typical role of fierce discussion in the play, this role really lives . Many netizens said that the role of Xie Dajiao was vivid because of the role of Teacher Yu Yuexian , No one can replace this interpretation .

In the past , Yu Yuexian will also post some videos to share his life . For example, recently I shared a video of myself helping local people do farm work together in Inner Mongolia , The locals praised her for her great love , And amiable . So artists like Yu Yuexian are really big stars .

At present, many star artists have begun to mourn , For example, Little Shenyang began to send a document to mourn . Although two people don't have much drama in rural love , But they are all excellent artists of Benshan media , There must be a lot of communication between two people . And at present, Benshan media has also confirmed this matter .

Yu Yuexian is still a professional , And my husband both graduated from Chinese opera , So I have deep acting skills . Now she's dead , Many fans will never see it again 《 Rural love 》 Thank you, big foot . Because there is no Xie Dajiao who plays her ,《 Rural love 》 And lost his soul . Presumably, this is not only a loss of the entertainment industry , It's also a big loss for all the audience .

《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Xiao Shenyang and others sent a document to mourn . Here, we also hope that her family can mourn and change , Mr. Yu Yuexian walked well all the way . I hope teacher yueyuexian's works can spread forever in the hearts of the people .

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