Witty Dang Mei: after the Japanese House Dance rollover in the museum, apologize and withdraw from the Internet to calm the public anger?

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witty dang mei japanese house

She threw away her fans' gifts, causing a large de powdering incident , All kinds of black history are even more shocking , Why do netizens often roll over ? In this issue , Let's talk about the witty party sister's withdrawal from the Internet , Witty party sister , Formerly known as pan Tangying . Before the car rollover B The station has 600 Beauty bloggers with more than million fans , It is the head net red held by the platform , He also participated in the shooting of many variety shows . Popularity and influence do not lose traffic stars , But it's such a big Internet Success V, Rollover is too late to prevent . A dance work released by Dang Mei in early July , In the video , Surprised to see her wearing Lolita , Dance japanese house dance at the gate of Dalian Lushun Museum , A man who has studied in Dalian for four years , It has no regard for the painful history carried by Lushun Museum . Such ignorance quickly provoked public anger , With the continuous fermentation of public opinion , Under the condemnation of the whole people, she was forced to apologize , And what's more funny is , Some netizens said they accepted their cousin's apology .

The list is very speechless , In what capacity did you accept your apology , It's not you or me who need to accept an apology , Dang Mei wants to apologize to those Revolutionary Martyrs , And people in hard times , What qualifications do you have to accept an apology . And with the witty party sister rollover , It's like the butterfly effect , Her various black histories have also been picked out one by one , For example, vulgar words and deeds Plagiarism Insult Yang Mi, etc . Not only that, Dang Mei was also blown away as a fan gift , Moving the company took everything , Only the fans' gifts were not taken away , Such bad behavior led to a large powder dropping event , The record fell in one day 60 Wanfen , And the Dang Mei incident continues to ferment . Lead to the show Unable to broadcast, heavy losses , here we are 8 month 5 Number , The witty party girl withdrew from the Internet late at night and quietly boarded the hot search , Dang Mei's withdrawal statement said , Will clear the entire network ID, Remove all videos from the shelf , With immediate effect, I will withdraw from the network and reflect on .

For the full withdrawal of Dang Mei , The general public is not surprised . Because netizens know , In the future, she has no development opportunities on the Internet , Besides, the clever Dang Mei has already made a lot of money . Lived in a big house in the center of Shanghai , After Dang Mei overturned the car, some businessmen broke the news , Her one advertisement is comparable to the appearance fee of a star , And when Dang Mei became popular , If you want to shoot with her, you have to queue up , Enough to see her popularity at that time . Dang Mei also revealed , You can easily save hundreds of thousands in a few months , even so , She is not satisfied yet and feels very poor ? For this withdrawal , Some netizens don't buy it , Rome wasn't built in a day , Netizens think this is just a temporary avoidance of the limelight , It won't be long before it will make a comeback , Or a new one “ Mask ” Start over again .

Even angry netizens responded , Quit whatever circle you want, quit your nationality . Besides, the party sister withdrew from the network this time , Platform also did not take any punitive measures against Dang Mei , And look at Dang Mei's long article on withdrawal from the network, you can also find some small details . Dang Mei only said to quit online learning , I didn't say that I won't be a net star anymore , In other words, will you come back after learning ? And the net red of rollover , Dang Mei is not the first , It will never be the second , LIGO, who once tampered with the National Anthem , Wang NIMA, a member of the runaway cartoon, insulted martyr Dong Cunrui , And so on, the events just reflect many online celebrities “ DE don't deserve a ” The phenomenon of . But Bang Bang thought , Although netizens are forgetful , But never be vague in front of major right and wrong , Remember that the Internet has a memory , Even if you play the trumpet again, you will be picked out by netizens . Therefore, I still suggest you not to make unnecessary struggle , Make good use of the money you earn, live a good life, and reflect on yourself , What do you think of the withdrawal of the witty girl ?

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