Xie Dajiao's actor in rural love died in a car accident: life comes and goes, and the future is not long

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《 Tomb of firefly 》 There is a sentence in it , I think it's very classic :

No one knows tomorrow and accidents , Which one will come first .

At first , When reading this sentence , I also think such words are too negative .

Until just now , I'm watching 《 Rural love 》 The first 13 In season , Suddenly a news pops up saying ,《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of Zhong Xie Dajiao , Because when the car accident just died .

I was really shocked !

1,《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The fairest of all “ Chen Wuzhen ”.

Now many people know Yu Yuexian , Probably all from Zhao Benshan 《 Rural love 》 At the beginning .

But it's the Moon Fairy , Join in 《 Rural love 》 Before the crew , In fact, she left “ Celestial being ” The route of the .

Yu Yuexian came from the Central Academy of drama , Her classmates are Huang Haibo 、 Hairy boy, wait .

trained , Plus beautiful , So as soon as Yu Yuexian entered the industry , Resources are very good .

When I was in College , She starred in Jin Yong's martial arts novel with Huang Haibing 《 The Book and the Sword 》, At that time, when Yu Yuexian came out holding the pipa fairy , I'm really stunned to see people .

But at that time, Yu Yuexian made money in addition to filming , There are more important things to do , That's taking care of her sick brother .

His brother Yu Yingjie suffers from a very strange disease , Caused his spine to scoliosis to 174 degree , As a sister, Yu Yuexian , It's saving money while filming , While asking my brother where there is a famous doctor .

There is a , She saw a famous doctor who came back from abroad in the newspaper , Can treat this disease , So she took her brother to the door .

But the other party said that the medical expenses are expensive , And the risk is great .

In order to collect enough medical expenses for my brother , Yu Yuexian borrows money everywhere , This is the time , She doesn't pick roles anymore .

wait until 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 When Chen Wuzhen found her , She didn't refuse either .

After all, as a sister , Can make money to cure my brother's illness , She thinks it's worth doing .

Fortunately, the operation succeeded in the end , And her efforts were not in vain .

2, Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law !

When Yu Yuexian tossed about in the film and television circle , Her cousin , That is, Zhao Benshan's daughter-in-law called Yu Yuexian .

Said to let her go back , She can introduce some better characters to Yu Yuexian .

After all, Zhao Benshan had become a real “ The king of sketches ” 了 , Have connections 、 It matters 、 There is a shortage of talents with professional background .

At that time, although Zhao Benshan had tested several works in the film and television circle , And the people responded well .

But Zhao Benshan still feels a little weak , After all , The audience is still looking at him and Fan Wei , He is in urgent need of fresh blood , He is in urgent need of fresh faces , To support his film and television plan .

Yu Yuexian is the best candidate , Beautiful people , From Keban , most important of all , Or your own relatives .

But Zhao Benshan didn't see Yu Yuexian give her a chance to play the heroine , The first is to let her go to the TV play 《 Ma Da Shuai 2》 Guest starred in a small role , I think this sister-in-law really performs well , He was really relieved .

After being recognized by Zhao Benshan , Yu Yuexian finally 2006 In, she met a TV play that changed her life 《 Rural love 》.

Show me 《 Rural love 》 The protagonist is Zhao Benshan 、 Or Fan Wei , And his disciples of Zhao Benshan .

But Zhao Benshan did put the most brilliant , The most character “ Thank you ” One foot to Yu Yuexian .

from 2006 Yu Yuexian received “ Thank you ” Start in the corner , Until 2021 In the first 13 season 《 Rural love 》.

All the actors may be absent , All the actors may be replaced , Only Yu Yuexian plays “ Thank you ” Has been .

This is Zhao Benshan's affirmation of Yuexian , Yu Yuexian worked hard to get it .

Today's young audience , Although we all know “ Ivory Hill ” There are four capable people :

Lennon 、 Xie Guangkun 、 Zhao si 、 Wang Laoqi .

But everyone knows , All the stories of these people , It all started around the battle of Xie Dajiao .

If Zhao Benshan still has “ Four capable people ” yes 《 Rural love 》 The signboard of , Then Xie Dajiao is the soul of this TV play .

Without her , Really not .

3, Life comes and goes , The future is not long !

Although I say ,《 Rural love 》 Achieved Yu Yuexian , It really made her popular all over the country .

But the role of Xie Dajiao , It also really imprisoned Yu Yuexian's development in the performing arts circle , It did trap her in “ Rural women ” In this role .

But these years , We can really see that Yu Yuexian himself is also looking for a breakthrough , Also looking for change .

such as 2017 year , Yu Yuexian was on the last variety show 《 The birth of an actor 》, Those who had only seen her in rural dramas before , The first time I saw her on a variety show , For the first time in the program with Chen Xiaochen 、 When Wang Junkai worked with these young actors , I was really surprised by her acting .

Especially the short film she cooperated with Wang Junkai and others 《 Tangshan earthquake 》, It can be said that this season 《 The birth of an actor 》 The most wonderful paragraph in .

Liu Ye praised her acting skills and was very surprised 、 Zhang Ziyi thought she was incredible .

In addition to participating in variety shows , He also began directing his own animated short films 、 Making micro movies , Especially the short film 《 Grassland Mother 》 And she won the best actress award .

so to speak ,50 Year old Yu Yuexian , It's just beginning to work in the entertainment industry , Just started working in the film and television industry .

Her future , There shouldn't be only one “ Thank you ” The image of is remembered by the audience , But who would have thought , Just as she was just beginning to prepare for a full March , Just when she started , Ready to jump out 《 Rural love 》 Image , Suddenly came the news that Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia .

Speak really , Yu Yuexian's death , For those who like to see 《 Rural love 》 In terms of audience , It's really a big blow .

But it also tells us all , Cherish the present , If you have a dream, pursue it bravely !

Life is in a hurry , But a hundred years , We really don't know tomorrow and accidents , Which comes first .

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