Wu Jing was caught in a mountain torrent when filming. His expression was lonely. He squatted aside. The mud didn't pass the front of the car. It was too dangerous

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wu jing caught mountain torrent

8 month 9 Japan , Wu Jing revealed on the social platform that he met a mountain torrent , Helpless expression :“ The mountain torrent is coming again ”, And sun out the corresponding photos , Arousing hot discussion among netizens .

In the photo , Wu Jing is dressed in black T T-shirt and trousers squatting on the roadside , And all around him are traces of being washed away by mountain torrents , Probably because of the mountain torrents, Wu Jing and his party had to stop work , In front of the camera, he looked at the ground with a walkie talkie , With frowned eyebrows and a lonely expression, he looks in bad shape .

And from another point of view , Both trees and vehicles were attacked by mountain torrents , Under the strong impact of mud and water, there is almost no one around , If you look carefully, you will find that the front of the car will be submerged by mountain torrents , Its harmfulness can be imagined .

After seeing the photos posted by Wu Jing, netizens expressed concern about it in the comment area , Yell at him “ Caution! ”, Some netizens advised him :“ Don't really think of yourself as a wolf , You're dad 、 Husband 、 son ”, Some netizens also teased him, although the movie is a war wolf , But in real life “ Protect yourself .”

Wu Jing can keep calm in the face of mountain torrents , Maybe it's also because he often makes action movies Previously, some netizens had summarized his injuries caused by filming , I found that his whole body was hurt and stitched up to 100 many times , Whether it's left and right arms or legs , Even his eyes and important parts of the human body, such as the head, have been injured .

About her husband's action drama , Although Xie Nan supports , But they also often worry about Wu Jing's safety , She talked about it tactfully in a program , And reluctantly expressed :“ Before I got married, I didn't know it was so hard to make action scenes , I didn't know until I got married .”

Wu Jing's serious attitude towards acting is worth affirming , But this “ Dali San Lang ” The spirit of is also worrying . I hope he can pay attention to safety , I also wish him every success in his career .

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