What is the origin of Qin Fen, the "Hushang emperor"? Ten million luxury cars. His father has more money than Zong Qinghou

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origin qin fen hushang emperor

Speaking of the rich second generation , sicong 、 qinfen 、 Zong Fuli and others are definitely on the list , Among them, Wang Sicong is the one we are most familiar with , He is the son of Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda , Zong Fuli is the princess of Wahaha Group , His father is Zong Qinghou, founder of Wahaha , But when it comes to Qin Fen , Many people don't know his background , All I know is that he is a rich second generation , More arrogant than Wang Sicong , Richer than zongfuli , So in everyone's cognition , His father must surpass Wang Jianlin 、 The existence of rich people such as Zong Qinghou .

Qin Fen doesn't have much information on the Internet , Compared with President Wang Sicong , He is a very low-key rich second generation , There was a paragraph on the Internet that said :“ Diligence does not necessarily mean money , But Qin Fen is really rich .” He has enough money to throw away 3000 Ten thousand sports cars don't hurt at all , Rich enough to be called “ The emperor of Shanghai ”, Rich enough to dare to face Wang Sicong .

Wang Sicong is a well-known rich second generation in China , Because he often acts online , And have an intersection with entertainment stars , Plus his character of daring to say and hate , So it is well known by the public . Once Wang Sicong was in an interview , Asked by the host whether making friends will care about whether the other party has money , Wang Sicong answered frankly that he didn't care , Because no rich second generation is as rich as him .

In the envy of everyone 、 When you incarnate lemon essence , Qin Fen dropped three words in the comment area ――“ What about me ?” For a time, netizens burst into flames , But Wang Sicong didn't reply , It can be seen that he admits that Qin Fen is richer than him , Otherwise Qin Fen could not have said this in public , With Wang Sicong's character, it's impossible not to fight back quietly .

Qin Fen is famous mainly because it happened in 2014 Porsche Shanghai 918 The first collision , The second is 2015 Car accident in .2015 Qin Fen was driving a luxury car Ferrari when he had a car accident in , In that car accident , His car, which he had just bought, became a pile of scrap iron , According to the survey of netizens , His car is worth at least 3000 ten thousand , After that, even if the car is repaired, it will need at least more than ten million , But claim to be “ The emperor of Shanghai ” Qin Fen owns countless luxury cars , How can you repair a car that has become scrap iron ?

So after making sure he's okay , Get out of the car smartly , Then abandon 3000 Ten thousand Ferraris ignore , Turn around and go by yourself . He is relatively low-key , All we know is that he is the chairman of Shanghai fenrong investment company , It's also a basketball club and KING Investors in E-sports , No one else knows more about him .

Qin Fen casually wears a modest suit , The total value is more than one million , Not to mention all his accessories , But such a rich young master chose to travel by high-speed rail this year ! You know, he not only has countless luxury cars , And a private plane , For the first time, such people would choose to take high-speed rail ?! What a surprise ? People are shocked .

So the netizen came out with a picture of him holding his suitcase at the high-speed railway station , Netizens burst the pot in an instant , One after another asked him in the comment area whether he had contracted the high-speed railway or directly bought the bullet train , It's really hard to cry or laugh . As we all know, netizens are very powerful , But it's strange , All these years have passed , Still no one knows who Qin Fen's parents are .

We can only judge from the image of his rich second generation that his father should be a man richer than Wang Jianlin , Although Zong Qinghou once became the richest man in China , But it certainly can't be compared with it . Some people guess that his father is the boss behind the gambling , Others guess it's the chairman of a financial company , Some people even think Qin Fen is not just the rich second generation , It could also be the red second generation , In short, his identity has always been a mystery , Maybe someday , We can wait for an answer .

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