Yu Yuexian's two sisters are rushing to the accident site to further determine the specific cause of their death

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yu yuexian sisters rushing accident

8 month 9 The latest news of Yu Yuexian's death in a car accident came from the entertainment media on the th , At present, Liu Liu, the actor of Liu big head, has confirmed the news of Yu Yuexian's death , He responded to the media : I just got the news , Xiaoxian had an accident while filming in Inner Mongolia , Which play is it , It's not clear yet .

And the major media have also released news , Former actors “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian is unfortunately in 8 month 9 Japan , Yu Alashan in Inner Mongolia died in a car accident . It was Yu Yuexian's brother who decided to release the news , And Yu Yingjie, assistant to Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media .

Yu Yuexian's two sisters are on their way to the accident site , Further implement the specific causes of his death !

At present, Yu Yuexian's two eldest sisters are rushing from northeast to Inner Mongolia , Deal with the accident and things behind Yu Yuexian , But there is no news about the specific operation and follow-up progress .

Years old 50 Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , He died during the filming , The details of the accident were not revealed . But from the news of the current media , Yu Yuexian was driving too fast when he was out , An accident happened . How many people are there in the car , Or maybe she's alone ? There is no clear investigation .

Moreover, the police in Inner Mongolia did not send any news , However, the two sisters have rushed to the place of the past as soon as they get the news , Further implement the cause of Yu Yuexian's accident .

It was revealed that , Yu Yuexian is the pillar of the family , For my brother . She is very popular in the circle , And people like to call her aunt in private . After receiving the news of her accidental death , Xiao Shenyang said he couldn't believe such a thing would happen , What a surprise .

Yu Yuexian had a lot of TV dramas and film and television works , The most famous is what everyone is familiar with 《 Rural love 》 Story series . In the last month , She just killed 《 Rural love 15》, Then he rushed to Inner Mongolia for filming . Nobody thought of it , Inner Mongolia is her last stop .

Yu Yuexian once obtained “ Huading Award for best actress in rural theme category ”“ The sixth Huading award is the award of top ten TV stars loved by ordinary people ” He has also participated in drama performances with many artists in the circle , Get very high recognition in the circle .

The accident came too suddenly , Everything happens in an instant . At present, people in Benshan group have also taken action , But how to deal with what happened behind her , No news yet . I hope she can go all the way , May happiness last forever .

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