Yu Yuexian, 50, died in a car accident. Her husband interacted with her the day before. The couple finally took a close group photo

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Japan , Bad news came out of nowhere in the show business , I was in 《 Rural love 》 Play a role in the series “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian died unfortunately , At the age of 50 year , It is reported that , Yu Yuexian is shooting a new play in Inner Mongolia , Accident due to too fast speed , Finally, Yu Yuexian died because she was too seriously injured .

Yu Yuexian's death shocked and regretted people inside and outside the industry , Yu Yuexian, who graduated from the Chinese drama class, has always been a well-known actor , He has created many popular characters on the screen , In especial 《 Rural love 》 The series has made it famous , Now 《 Rural love 》 The series is not over yet , Ivory hill is the most charming “ Thank you ” But left everyone forever .

In recent years, Yu Yuexian's career has been smooth , The family is also happy , Marry her husband Zhang Xuesong 20 many years , Love is still the same , a married couple very much in love , according to the understanding of , Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong were alumni of Chinese opera , The two got married before they were students , And continue this beautiful and pure love until now , Has always been a model couple in the circle .

Because Yu Yuexian's brother was born with a disease , Scoliosis is severe , In order to avoid causing sequelae , Yu Yuexian has taken good care of her brother for many years , Bear the corresponding expenses for its follow-up treatment , Zhang Xuesong has always understood his wife's pains for many years , In order to take care of my brother with my wife , The couple put off having children again and again , There are no children or girls .

In the life , Zhang Xuesong gave his wife meticulous love and care , Shooting 《 Rural love 》 period , Because of the heavy workload of shooting, Yu Yuexian's body was once difficult to parry , Zhang Xuesong put down all the work at hand , I rushed to my wife for the first time , Take good care of Yu Yuexian's meals and daily life .

After Yu Yuexian's accidental death , Some netizens also found the social account of their husband Zhang Xuesong , It can be seen that , Among Zhang Xuesong's major accounts , Yu Yuexian's appearances are quite intensive .

And in the 8 month 8 Japan , The day before Yu Yuexian's accident , Zhang Xuesong also praised his wife's video , I don't know that just one day , Since then, yin and yang are separated .

Last month, 22 Japan , Zhang Xuesong also updated the dynamic , He went on duty as usual that day 《 Rural love 》 The cast , He also brought his friends to the place where his wife operated in the play “ Bigfoot supermarket ” Reminiscing about the old meal .

From the picture , At that time, Yu Yuexian dressed up in the play , The whole person looks energetic , one's face glowing with health , It can be seen that , The arrival of her husband and friends surprised her completely , Everyone sat around the table , Enjoy a sumptuous and cordial home cooked meal .

And this dynamic , Zhang Xuesong also specially selected Aite's three operating accounts , It can be seen that it is also the intention to publicize and promote his wife's new play .

Earlier , Yu Yuexian often participates in activities with her husband , In view of Yu Yuexian's great beauty in her youth , Her husband Zhang Xuesong is plain , For this reason, it once aroused heated discussion among netizens , It's just that the husband and wife never pay attention to the gossip outside , Will live a happy life .

For a career , Yu Yuexian is more focused and serious , The last dynamic on his microblog is also related to the new play , In the video, I mentioned the artistic cultivation of excellent actors as an elder in the performing arts circle , Love for performing arts for decades , Work hard with enthusiasm until the last moment of life .

Have to say , Yu Yuexian's death , It's a great loss to the whole show business , The man is gone , Irrecoverable , I only wish his family could get out of their grief as soon as possible , I also hope that teacher Yu, the spirit of heaven, can rest in peace , Continue to be brilliant and enthusiastic in another world .

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