National Development and Reform Commission: the price of domestic refined oil will not be adjusted on August 9

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[ Car home   information ]  According to the national development and Reform Commission ,8 month 9 Japan 24 when , The price adjustment window of domestic refined oil will be opened again . According to the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission , In this round of oil product price adjustment cycle , International oil prices continued to fluctuate , The average price rose slightly , But it didn't reach 50 element / Increase standard of tons . According to the current domestic price mechanism of refined oil , The amount of price adjustment is insufficient per ton 50 Yuan time , steam 、 The price of diesel oil will not be adjusted , The unadjusted amount is included in the next price adjustment to accumulate or offset . This time 2021 In the first 15 Secondary oil price adjustment , It's also the first time this year 3 Secondary grounding .

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During the price adjustment period , International oil prices rise first and then fall . The number of crude oil drilling platforms in the United States decreased , Us Iraq antagonism heats up , Stimulate the rise of oil prices , London Brent oil price once rose to a barrel 76 The dollar's near two-week high . But then, because novel coronavirus pneumonia variant virus accelerated the spread. , U.S. crude oil stocks are up , The market is worried about the prospect of economic recovery and the growth of crude oil demand , Oil prices fell under pressure .

The number of newly confirmed cases in Japan has reached a new high since last year , The number of new cases in the world has maintained a growth momentum for more than a month . The weekly data of the U.S. energy information administration show that , US crude oil inventories increased month on month 362.7 barrels . Affected by the , International oil prices fell to a barrel again 70 Near the dollar . On average , Brent, London 、 New York WTI Oil prices rose respectively over the previous price adjustment cycle 0.30%、 falling 0.45%.

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National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center expects , Due to the continuous spread of the new crown variant virus , The market is again worried about the prospect of crude oil demand , In this context “ OPEC +” Gradually relax the intensity of production reduction , Increase production from this month 40 barrels / Japan , It is also regarded as a major negative factor . however , The recovery of the global economy and the overall low crude oil inventories have supported oil prices , It is more likely that oil prices will continue to fluctuate in the short term .( Source : CCTV's finance and economics, ; compile / Car home graduation )

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