"Xie Dajiao" in "country love" died in a car accident. The last video of his life is thought-provoking

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xie dajiao country love died

Introduction : Good film and television works , While helping us pass the boring life , Can also deeply remember the protagonist . take 《 Rural love 》 Come on , After watching it for so long , Yes, Liu Neng 、 Xie Guangkun 、 Three old four 、 Thank you 、 Changgui and others are impressed , I always think when they get together , You don't need to make any expression , It's a good comedy . But the accident happened quietly , Yu Yuexian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, was revealed to have died .

Yu Yuexian plays “ Thank you ”, Count as 《 Rural love 》 The soul figure in , In particular, she scolded Xie Guangkun 、 Liu Nengshi , That momentum is very good , And she drives “ Bigfoot supermarket ”, It is also very famous locally . But he is such an amiable 、 Aunt Bigfoot with a sense of justice , When filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately, he died in a car accident .

Because the speed was too fast , There was an accident , Aunt Bigfoot was too badly injured and died by force . Now her brother 、 Assistant to Benshan media art director , Are rushing to their homes in Inner Mongolia .“ Thank you ” After death , Many people can't believe this fact , Even ran to her microblog , Let her quickly send a rumor refuting message , So that fans can rest assured .

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