Wang Sicong showed up at the bar with a beautiful woman late at night. The million luxury car was very eye-catching. He held an umbrella and sent it to the co pilot

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wang sicong showed beautiful woman

In recent days, , The media photographed Wang Sicong and a beautiful woman at the door of the bar , The surrounding staff held umbrellas for them one after another , Then they left together in the red million luxury car .

In the photo , Wang Sicong is wearing a white short sleeved shirt , Come out of the bar with a blue umbrella , He stood in front of the car and stopped . A beautiful woman in a blue coat and white trousers came out from behind Wang Sicong , And sat in the co pilot , Wang Sicong followed him into the back seat , Two people leave the bar .

After arriving at Wang Sicong's residence , I didn't see a beautiful woman . Wang Sicong and a male staff member got off with umbrellas , Talking while walking into the community .

This is not the first time Wang Sicong has photographed walking with a beautiful woman , Before, some media took pictures of Wang Sicong taking beautiful women shopping to the bar .

In the photo , Wang Sicong is wearing a white short sleeved shirt , Beside him stood a beautiful woman in purple , The two of them leaned against each other when choosing goods , The movements are very intimate . after , Wang Sicong and the beautiful woman in purple sat next to each other in their seats to have a rest , Two people are very close to each other , The beauty in purple also picked up Wang Sicong's hand and played for a while .

After shopping , The party arrived at the restaurant for dinner . During this period, Wang Sicong fed food to the beauty opposite ,

After dinner, , Wang Sicong goes to the bar with the beautiful woman , halfway , Wang Sicong came outside with a beautiful woman in purple , The beauty in purple was sent to the car , Then he went back to the bar and continued to drink .

Wang Sicong is surrounded by beautiful women , This is not a strange thing , When Wang Sicong participated in the activity before , There are many beautiful women standing around , Wang Sicong stands in the middle , Take the fan , Very comfortable .

Wang Sicong as the top rich , It has always attracted public attention , He never lacks beautiful women around him . Now , Wang Sicong was photographed late at night and showed up at the bar with a beautiful woman , It's not a strange thing .

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