Country love aunt Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. She was only 50 years old!

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country love aunt yu yuexian

How could this happen

This morning, ,《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of Richie Bigfoot, died in a car accident ......

Born in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , Years old 50 year .

5 A few days ago, I saw her sharing a video of picking mushrooms on the prairie on the social platform ,

It's very kind .

( Yu Yuexian has been speaking for her hometown Inner Mongolia since she became famous , In addition to sharing the newly picked hometown mushrooms , Also help promote farm products in my hometown )

It was so sudden ,

The early goddess of ivory Hill ......

Xie Dajiao's interpretation is very successful , Known to every household .

Is a very good actor ,

Graduated from the Central Academy of drama ,

National first-class actor of Tianjin People's Art Theatre .

1994 Starred in a movie 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》、 TV play 《 The Book and the Sword 》 career ,

Later, he was accepted as an apprentice by Zhao Benshan to play Errenzhuan ,

2006 In, he began to love light comedy in the countryside 《 Rural love 》 The role of Xie Dajiao in the series is famous .

Yu Yuexian looked good when she was young �

My husband is also an insider , Director Zhang Xuesong .

Classmates know each other and love each other .

They have been married for more than twenty years , Life has been low-key and happy .

Early because of busy work and taking care of his sick brother, he didn't have children , Later, Yu Yuexian said that she didn't want any more because she was old .

The husband is very supportive of his career ,

At first, when Zhao Benshan came to Yu Yuexian to pat Xie Dajiao, she was a little worried ,

I'm afraid I can't shoot well ,

It was Zhang Xuesong who encouraged her to say :

“ Brother-in-law Benshan said you are very malleable , I have confidence in you !”

It was her husband's words that reassured Yu Yuexian and took over the script .

Zhang Xuesong's social platform is also drying videos of his wife ......

Lament the impermanence of the world , But it's really sad , You are our forever big foot !

The last sentence

Look and cry. ...

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