Actress Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Xie Dajiao in country love has become an eternal "history"

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actress yu yuexian died car

Yu Yuexian is from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , In her own words “ Growing in Chifeng 、 Working in Tianjin 、 Living in Beijing ”. She once studied in Chifeng No. 1 vocational secondary school. After graduating from the secondary school, she became a local teacher .1992 year , Yu Yuexian took great pains to get into the Central Academy of drama .

If you only see 《 Rural love 》, I thought Yu Yuexian was also an actor of Er Ren Zhuan , The one in a floral shirt and red gloves “ Thank you ”, Has become a “ Rural love ” The most popular image in the series .

8 month 9 Noon 12 when 30 branch , Benshan media confirmed : Famous actors 、《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Played by Ms. Yu Yuexian in 8 month 9 Unfortunately, he died in a car accident while filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia . According to people familiar with the matter : 2021 year 8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian and his party had an accident shooting in Inner Mongolia , He was declared dead because of his serious injury .

A reporter immediately contacted Yu Yuexian's brother by telephone 、 Yu Yingjie, assistant to Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media . He is at his home in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , Yu Yingjie told reporters , He also just got the bad news , But the details are not clear . He and his two eldest sisters are going to the accident site to deal with .

And fans can't accept , She impressed the audience very deeply in the play , Now suddenly came the news , Not only her family can't accept , Fans and audiences can't accept it , It's really hard for such a thing to happen , Some netizens chase the play every year , Unfortunately , No more thanks to big feet .

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