Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. The stars sent a document to mourn. There is no thanks for rural love

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Japan , According to the 《 Cover story 》 Reports said , Learned from Benshan media : Famous actors ―- TV play 《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” Played by Ms. Yu Yuexian 8 month 9 He died in a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia on the th . People familiar with the matter also revealed that they were filming , When going out, because the speed is too fast , An accident happened , Yu Yuexian declared that she was not cured because of her serious injury .

Such news broke out , It also makes many netizens say it's hard to believe . Yu Yuexian is only this year 50 year , But I have also shot many film and television works , One of the most impressive is in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The sexy and charming ghost Wuzhen played in , And in 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao in , It also made her popular all over the country , Became a well-known actor .

Yu Yuexian's unfortunate death , It also makes many artists in the circle send messages to mourn . Once in the 《 The birth of an actor 》 Zhai Tianlin, who has cooperated with China, sent a document :“ It must be fake … You are such a good person , Cooperation is good , It's good to be friends , Always encourage me , It must be fake . The elder sister , I'm so sad … It's so sad ”. Xinzhilei 、 Sun Qian and others also sent a document to mourn .

Later, Zhang Ziyi, who also cooperated in the program, also showed a close group photo and a screenshot of their chat records , And write an article for this :“17 At the end of the year 《 The birth of an actor 》 I met sister Yuexian on the stage , It's agreed that the future will be long ? Go all the way, elder martial sister ”, Words are also full of sadness .

I've been playing 《 Rural love 》 Xiong Ziqi of the blind box , It's also drying out “ Aunt Bigfoot ” The blind box Mourns :“ Aunt Bigfoot All the way walk good ”.

Xiao Shenyang also made a photo of Yu Yuexian in 《 Rural love 》 The stills in , And send a message to say :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way ”.

So is Wang Xiaoli , He wrote for it :“ I really can't accept such a departure , Dear aunt , Dear Bigfoot , All the way walk good ” It can be seen that he is also immersed in such sadness .

Now , The unfortunate death of Yu Yuexian has also happened ,《 Rural love 》 There's no thanks in the , But I believe her works will continue to accompany us . The dead are gone , Wish her a good trip !

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