Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. The last recent photo was exposed. The last microblog still wants to improve his artistic cultivation

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yu yuexian died car accident.

At noon on August 9 , Some media learned from Benshan media , Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia . The news was very sudden , A reporter contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , The other party is at home in Inner Mongolia , I just received the news of my sister's death , But the details are not clear .

It is reported that Yu Yuexian is filming in Inner Mongolia this morning , Because the speed was too fast , So there was an accident , Yu Yuexian died because of her serious injury . Some netizens exclaim , Country love never thanks big feet again , Now only Wang Yun is left in Dajiao supermarket . This February ,《 Rural love 13》 Broadcast , At that time, there was Xie Dajiao , But never again .

Just three days ago , Yu Yuexian posted the last microblog , The content is her speech at the seminar on ideal shining China , Yu Yuexian told actors to strive to improve their artistic quality , Tell the story of the times , She is also a public welfare publicity ambassador for cultural tourism in a place in Inner Mongolia , This time, for being able to come to my hometown Inner Mongolia to shoot works , Yu Yuexian is also very happy and proud , I didn't expect death to come so fast , Yu Yuexian, who is so serious about acting a good play, died in a car accident in the film .

In my last microblog , It records Yu Yuexian's enthusiasm for performing arts , She set up the role of Xie Dajiao , I don't know how many people's memories .

The girl who came out of Inner Mongolia has always been giving back to her hometown , The last microblog is proud to shoot in my hometown , The last video also introduces the specialty of my hometown .

Yu Yuexian hummed in the video “ The old girl picking mushrooms ” While looking for mushrooms on the grassland , Finally found a big white mushroom , Yu Yuexian was very happy to see such a big mushroom , His expression brightened up . She also enthusiastically introduced the various methods of this white mushroom , Also ask you “ today , Do you want to eat white mushroom with me ? It is a pity , I'll never see such a lively Xie Dajiao again , This meal is made of white mushrooms , I can't eat any more .

This video is also accompanied by “ Big feet go everywhere , Take you around .” Some fans commented sadly below , I walked everywhere and didn't come back , Really gone .

The news of Yu Yuexian's death came , Many of her friends in the circle also sent messages of condolences . Xiong Ziqi , Jiang Chao was shocked , I hope aunt Bigfoot will go all the way . Director Wu Tong also sent a document to remember , It's a pity that ACE didn't invite sister Yue , I didn't expect that it would become an eternal regret . Zhai Tianlin has always said that he is too sad , Little Shenyang , Xinzhilei , Sun Qian said she couldn't believe it , I hope Yu Yuexian can go well all the way .

Zhang Ziyi also sent a chat record, saying that the future that had been agreed would never be long .

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