50 year old "Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident: he has been a brother devil all his life and has just realized financial freedom!

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50 Year old actress “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident : I've been a brother demon all my life , Just achieved financial freedom ! Just learned about the TV series 《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian ,8 month 9 When filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia on the th , A car accident occurred due to too fast continuous speed , Unfortunately, he died because of his serious injury , It is understood that Yu Yuexian was filming , The speed is too fast when going out , I didn't expect an accident , There is no possibility of survival under emergency treatment , Died on the spot, leaving many regrets , It is understood that Yu Yuexian's family are coming one after another .

Yu Yuexian is an actor of Tianjin People's art , After graduating from technical secondary school, he stayed in school to teach , He was admitted to Chinese opera again , I played many costume roles when I was young , Most of them are gorgeous supporting actress , Later adopted 《 Country romance 》 in “ Thank you ” Your role became famous , It can be said that hard work brings happiness , According to the classmate's introduction, Yu Yuexian had a bad family since childhood , My brother has been seriously ill , As the eldest daughter, she lived very hard , Financial freedom has only been achieved in recent years .

Yu Yuexian's brother is the assistant of Benshan media art director , After hearing what happened to my sister , Immediately go to Inner Mongolia with two sisters , The family is very sad , Yu Yuexian was a hardworking child since childhood , Because of my poor family , Yu Yuexian went to technical secondary school and stayed in school to work , Her parents didn't support her to go to college , I think it's good to be a teacher in an art school , Unexpectedly, Yu Yuexian would rather be transferred to the reception room to see the gate , Also try to get into College , Later, I was admitted to Chinese opera , After going to college, Yu Yuexian studied hard and worked hard , After graduation, no matter how small the role is .

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