"Country love" actor Liu Liu revealed the details of Yu Yuexian's death: a car accident occurred on the way to the event at 3 a.m

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8 month 9 Some media learned from Benshan media that the famous actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , At the age of 50 year , Then I contacted Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's younger brother , Yu Yingjie was at home in Inner Mongolia , It means that the specific situation is not clear , I'm rushing to the scene with my two sisters .

After Yu Yuexian died , Zhang ziyi 、 Xiao Shenyang and other stars have sent messages to mourn , It can be seen that Yuexian is very popular in the circle , And acting is also recognized .

She died suddenly in an accident today , It's really unacceptable ! But the cruel truth has happened , I hope the people who love her will be sad and change .

After the news of Yu Yuexian's death came to light , The media contacted the traffic police detachment of Alxa League to inquire about the specific situation of the car accident , The traffic police said , No relevant information has been received at present , I don't know the exact location of the accident , Further investigation is needed , Will know the result .

And then , According to the Beijing news , Interview to 《 Rural love 》 Actor Liu Liu , He revealed that , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident on her way to the event .

He said , Yu Yuexian travels in the early morning 3 More than one o'clock , However, Yu Yuexian was not told what activities she was going to participate in . Liu Liu said the location of the event , In Alashan .

Now the traffic police should have rushed to the scene of the accident for investigation , I hope Yu Yuexian goes well all the way , I also hope her family can be sad and change .

Yu Yuexian is an excellent actor with both virtue and art , She starred in a country love story “ Thank you ” Win support among the people , It brought a lot of joy to the audience .

stay 8 month 6 Yu Yuexian also took photos of her participation in the event , In the picture, she is wearing a long black dress , Looks very elegant . In excellent condition .

8 month 4 Yu Yuexian also aired a video he shot on the grassland , It looks very happy , It feels quite warm . I didn't expect such a cheerful person to disappear .

Yu Yuexian is the sister of Zhao Benshan's daughter-in-law , That is, his sister-in-law . The two have cooperated in many TV dramas , Private relations are also quite good .

Zhao Benshan's family learned the sad news of her leaving , It must also be painful ! But at present, they have no voice , May still be immersed in grief !

And Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong didn't say anything , Although they have no children after marriage , But the relationship is very good . Zhang Xuesong also takes care of Yu Yuexian's sick brother , Agree to work hard with her , Gave up having children , Really a good man who loves his wife very much .

Now Yu Yuexian suddenly died , The blow to him should be huge , I wonder if he went to Inner Mongolia with his wife to shoot . I hope he's sorry , Take care !

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