Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident? Once starred in rural love, Little Shenyang sent a document to mourn

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actor yu yuexian died car

8 month 9 Japan , He has appeared in a TV play 《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident , Years old 50 year , After the news came to light , It quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens .

according to the understanding of , stay 8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian follows the crew to shoot in Inner Mongolia , Because the speed is too fast , Cause an accident , Finally, he died because of his serious injury , The reporter contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , The other side said , He is at home in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , For the news of my sister's death , He also knew , What's the specific situation , I don't know .

And then , Director Wu Tong said on his microblog , The bad news came , I can't accept it for a while , At that time, Yu Yuexian also participated in variety shows 《 The birth of an actor 》, Wu Tong revealed , Although Yu Yuexian is the oldest , But the effort and seriousness are not lost to the young actors , The last chat was a year ago , Regret at that time 《 ace 》 I didn't invite sister Yuexian , Now it has become an eternal regret , Wu Tong also took a group photo with Yu Yuexian .

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