Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Without Xie Dajiao, the goddess of ivory mountain, the series of "rural love" is no longer complete

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actor yu yuexian died car

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8 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday , A media reporter learned from Benshan media : Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , At the age of 50 year . Although this news has been reprinted by many media 、 reports , But Xiaobian still hopes that this is false news .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian and his party are filming in Inner Mongolia , But there was an accident due to too fast speed . A few days ago, I could also brush the video of her picking mushrooms on the short video platform , The laughter in the video is still in front of me , I didn't expect it to end like this . Life changes , I really don't know which one wants to come tomorrow or accident , I can't help sighing .

Yu Yuexian was born in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region , It's the Department of Chinese opera performance 92 The students in class , He is also an actor of Tianjin People's Art Theatre . Yu Yuexian participated in 《 The altar of life 》《 Later biography of journey to the West 》《 Yellow River waves 》《 Ma Da Shuai 3》《 Rural love 》《 My colorless world 》《 Ideals shine in China 》 And many other film and television works , Acting skills are also widely praised .

Among the many roles created by teacher Yuexian ,《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao is undoubtedly the most representative . Even if you haven't seen 《 Rural love 》, I believe many people have always known the existence of this classic character . Mention Xie Dajiao , She's wearing red gloves 、 The picture of helping people protect media and pull fibers in cheongsam will be presented in front of us , Big foot supermarket is also the soul of the play , Change with society , Become 《 Rural love 》 A special symbol of the series .

Throughout the 《 Rural love 》 series , Although Xie Dajiao is not female number one , But she is the core character of the whole play , The head of the village can't live without her , Many characters can't live without her , The development of the whole plot is inseparable from her . All the big and small things in the village spread from Dajiao supermarket , She didn't do less about the media pulling fiber .

Xie Dajiao's appearance is also good in Ivory mountain village , Take Liu Neng 、 Xie Guangkun 、 Wang Laoqi 、 The ivory Hill men's gang represented by Zhao Si and others are respectful to big feet , Xie Dajiao got married , These people in the village are sad , Huang Shiyou bullies Xie Dajiao , There is no man, young or old, who doesn't stand out . Xie Dajiao is undoubtedly the goddess of ivory mountain , And the reason why this character is so vivid , This also benefits from the exquisite acting skills of teacher Yuexian .

For those familiar with 《 Rural love 》 For the audience of the series , Ivory mountain has no goddess Xie Dajiao , Whole 《 Rural love 》 The series is no longer complete . When Wang Changgui dies, he can return as Huang Shiyou , But Xie Dajiao can't anymore , This blow is undoubtedly devastating .

As the first social flower in Ivory mountain , The warm-hearted Xie Dajiao contributed to the good marriage of young people , But my love is full of ups and downs , Three marriages can be said to be difficult , With strong nature, she always had a little bad luck in choosing men . The first husband, Li Fu, was lazy , Lost all his hard-earned money ; The second husband, Wang Changgui, lacks responsibility , When I left, I left a lot of human debt ; The third husband, Huang Shiyou, has a small stomach , Bigfoot was wronged when he married him .

Xie Dajiao is the whole 《 Rural love 》 A charming character in the series , She speaks quickly , Knife mouth tofu heart , She is a warm-hearted and infatuated woman . Teacher Yu Yuexian accurately portrayed the image of this rural woman , She also won the Huading Award for best actress in rural theme for her role .

《 Rural love 13》 in , Dajiao supermarket began to face the competition of ivory Hill Service Station , Poor business status , Xie Dajiao and Wang Yun were cheated a lot of money by swindlers for sales , Finally, Dajiao supermarket also cooperates with the service station . I thought it would be in 《 Rural love 》 In the series, we continue to see Xie Dajiao fighting side by side with the villagers in Ivory mountain village , Unexpectedly, it has become an extravagant hope now .

《 Rural love 》 In the series , I will never see Xie Dajiao angry against Liu Neng and Xie Guangkun again , I'll never see him again asking for a blind date for the young people in the village , Now Wang Yun is left alone in Dajiao supermarket .《 Rural love 》 Many beautiful moments become eternal , Many netizens also hope not to shoot again , Keep those beautiful things .

The news of Yu Yuexian's death also shocked the entertainment industry , Including Wang Xiaoli 、 Little Shenyang 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Wu Tong and others have sent documents to mourn , And many loyal viewers of rural love don't want to believe this fact .

《 Rural love 》 It has a different meaning for many people , It is an essential meal for New Year holidays . And in this play , Xie Dajiao is a bit like the neighbor you used to visit when you were a child , You don't necessarily know her very well 、 How much I like , But without her, it would be very sad and sad .

Rest of the dead , All the way walk good .

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