"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident, and her love with her husband Zhang Xuesong was touching

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of the series Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident , She is currently filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Insiders revealed 2021 year 8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian and his party are filming in Inner Mongolia , When going out, because the speed is too fast , An accident happened , Yu Yuexian declared that she was not cured because of her serious injury .

Yu Yuexian is a famous actor of Tianjin People's art , Graduated from Chinese opera , He is a famous actor and director with both virtue and art . She is in 《 Rural love 》15 A series of TV dramas , Successfully shaped Xie Dajiao , Get the audience's love , And it is popular all over the country .

Yu Yuexian's husband is director Zhang Xuesong , Also graduated from Chinese opera , Co filmed 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》、《 The Visit 》 etc. , Before they became famous , Through many difficult times , It was only later that the situation gradually opened up , The two performed together 《 There is love in troubled times 》、《 Ride the horse to the west wind 》、《 Who is my heart 》 Play an important role in film and television , Gradually, it has a certain popularity in the performing arts circle .

2003 year 8 month , Irish drama starring Yu Yuexian 《 Holy Well 》 At the poly theatre in Beijing , Zhang Xuesong accompanied Zhao Benshan to watch . Out of the 40 In a few minutes , Zhao Benshan asked Zhang Xuesong :“ Is the Moon Fairy running a dragon suit here , Why don't you see her all the time ?” Zhang Xuesong told him , The hoarse voice on the stage 、 grey-haired 、 The disheveled beggar is her . Zhao Benshan was very excited :“ I didn't expect the Moon Fairy to be so malleable , Fooled me !”

Yu Yuexian is valued by Zhao Benshan because of her performance in this drama , Zhao Benshan said to Yuexian “ Moon Fairy , Your acting is better than I thought ! There will be suitable roles in my play , I'll let you play !” Yu Yuexian is very excited , Finally get the recognition of cousin brother-in-law , That's why he starred in many of Zhao Benshan's film and television dramas , It seems that Zhao Benshan also attaches great importance to acting , Instead of opening up to her because of relatives , Yu Yuexian has also become an excellent actress through her own efforts .

In order to play the role of Xie Dajiao , Yu Yuexian did a lot of homework , Yu Yuexian came to Kaiyuan, Liaoning Province to experience life , Go down to the ground to weed with your rural sister-in-law 、 Apply fertilizer 、 Feed pigs . To get close to the character , She forced herself to eat two bowls of rice at each meal , Add a meal before going to bed 、 Eat chocolate .20 After many days , I've gained enough weight 16 Jin .

Yu Yuexian has no scientific way to lose weight , It makes her very haggard , Later, my husband knew , Live nearby , Wash her clothes , Stewed black chicken soup , With nutritious meals with low calories . Zhang Xuesong's careful care made Yu Yuexian lose weight , Look better and better .《 Rural love 》 After the broadcast , Ratings are rising , Zhang Xuesong is deeply happy for his wife .

shooting 《 Rural love 2》 In order to cultivate feelings with Liu Liu , The two often exchange scripts , And was rumored , After knowing this, Zhang Xuesong came to question Yu Yuexian , Yu Yuexian cried wrongfully , Later, Zhao Benshan comforted Zhang Xuesong ,“ You've been married for so many years , I don't know who the Moon Fairy is ? She discussed the script in private for the needs of the role !” Zhang Xuesong is relieved , The couple made up as before .

Yu Yuexian became popular , All the money earned is managed by my husband , Everyone introduced Zhang Xuesong as “ My lover Zhang Xuesong ”, They have been married for many years , Have no children , But still very happy , Maybe each other is busy , No time to have children .

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