Yu Yuexian, 50, died in a car accident. Six actors in rural love have died of illness or accident

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yu yuexian died car accident.

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8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian , There was a car accident in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , He died because of his serious injury and ineffective rescue , At the age of 50 year .

After learning the news , Wang Xiaoli ( Lennon ) couple , Little Shenyang , Zhang ziyi , Zhai Tianlin , Xinzhilei , Director Wu Tong and others have issued documents , Send off Yu Yuexian in your own way .《 Rural love 》 No more goddess Xie Dajiao , Netizens have sent messages :“ There is no more love in the countryside ”.

《 Rural love 15》 Just finished last month , Yu Yuexian thanks for your support 《 Rural love 》 Series of relatives , It's agreed to grow old together , Yu Yuexian left first because of a car accident , After the 《 Rural love 》 No more thanks, big foot ,《 Rural love 》 How many people have you been with all your youth !

Few plays have been made for more than ten years , Lennon , Zhao si , Xie Guangkun , Song Xiaofeng has become an ivory mountain F4, Lian Li Ronghao 、 Xiao Jingteng 、 Zhong Hanliang, these Hong Kong and Taiwan stars , Are all loyal fans of the play .

《 Rural love 》 It's been filmed 15 Ministry , Six actors have died , Last June , stay 《 Rural love 》 Xiao Yu, who plays a dog technician in, died of myocardial infarction .

Xiaoyu , stay 《 Rural love 11》 and 《 Rural love 12》 in , Xiao Yu plays the dog Technician , Bring a lot of joy to the audience , last year 《 Rural love 14》 Three days to shoot , Xiao Yu died suddenly due to myocardial infarction , Failed to continue acting 《 Rural love 》 Part 14 , Only in the play “ Resignation ” Explain the whereabouts of the characters .

Li Dami , stay 《 Rural love 》 As a man in a car , There was a play against Xie Guangkun . It's also Zhao Benshan's first 35 The mother of an apprentice, red boy , Perform sketches with Zhao Benshan at Liaoning Spring Festival Gala 《 Celebrate the new year 》.2017 year , Li Damei died of illness , At the age of 59 year .

Zhang Xiaoguang ,13 I started on the road of Er Ren Zhuan at the age of ,2003 Zhao Benshan, a teacher in , Become Zhao Benshan's first 10 Disciples .

Zhang Xiaoguang , stay 《 Rural love 》 Once played a hotel owner , There are not many plays , But it also impressed the audience .

2016 year , Zhang Xiaoguang accelerated his motorcycle and followed the SUV in front through ETC Channel time , Hit the falling toll pole , Lead to unfortunate death , At the age of 46 year .

Li Zhengchun , He was Zhao Benshan's first apprentice , On TV 《 Liu Lao root 》 As a hateful township head , stay 《 Rural love 》 Li Fu, the first husband who plays Xie Dajiao in , Xie Dajiao's second husband is Changgui , After Changgui's death , Another doctor with a long face . Li Zhengchun was diagnosed with malignant tumor after filming the play ,2007 Died of illness in , At the age of 45 year .

Wang Haiyang , This year's 4 month 29 Japan , Some media revealed that Zhao Benshan disciple Wang Haiyang died of liver cancer , At the age of 42 year , stay 《 Rural love 12》 in , Wang Haiyang plays a telecom fraudster who swindles Zhao si , Acting is well recognized .

Count it down ,《 Rural love 》 The series begins 15 Years of time , Six actors have died , Died in a car accident , Died of illness , It's a pity , All the way walk good .

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