Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Zhang Ziyi sent a document to burst into tears. There is no thanks for big feet in rural love

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yu yuexian died car accident.

Speaking of Yu Yuexian , I believe many viewers are still unfamiliar with the name , But speaking of “ Thank you ”, I believe many people will soon think of 《 Rural love 》 The hot one in the 、 good 、 Loud “ Aunt Bigfoot ”, The role created by the Moon Fairy has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for many years .

But the bad news came , Yu Yuexian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, died unfortunately ,《 Rural love 》 Since then, no thanks, big foot .

According to media reports , Recently, Yu Yuexian had a serious car accident while filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Yu Yuexian was seriously injured in the car accident , In the end, he didn't just die . There was an uproar when the news came out , Many viewers don't want to believe , Some netizens even pray that it is misinformation . But then the news was confirmed by Benshan media

A reporter contacted Yu Yuexian's brother by phone 、 Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media, helped Yu Yingjie , The other party revealed that he had just learned the bad news , The details are not clear .

Soon ,“ Yu Yuexian died ”“ Wang Yun is left in Dajiao supermarket ”“ There is no thanks for country love ”“ Yu Yuexian is so beautiful in the afterlife of journey to the West ” Wait for multiple topic words to board the hot search ,“ Yu Yuexian died ” Even more “ detonation ”, Netizens expressed their sadness and condolences over Yu Yuexian's death .

Then many stars in the entertainment circle sent messages to mourn , Wu Tong, the first director of Zhejiang satellite TV . Wu Tong said , I couldn't accept the sad news of Yu Yuexian's death for a moment , And praised Yu Yuexian's efforts and seriousness , Frankly, I'm sorry I didn't invite sister Yue Xian 《 ace 》, This has also become a permanent regret .

Zhai Tianlin wrote that Yu Yuexian is a good person , And used two in a row “ I'm so sad ” Express your grief over the death of Yuexian ; Jiang Chao called Yu Yuexian “ A good sister ”, And said “ All the way walk good ”; Xiao Shenyang, who is also Benshan media, calls Yu Yuexian “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ”, He also expressed for the departure of Yuexian “ I can't believe ”.

Besides , Xiao Xiong Ziqi 、 Sun Qian 、 Jin Yan 、 Xin Zhilei and other stars also sent a document to mourn Yu Yuexian . In all the mourning , The most remarkable thing is Zhang Ziyi , Zhang Ziyi posted the chat records of the two more than three years ago , In the chat, Yu Yuexian also expressed her love for Zhang Ziyi , Also shared a group photo of the two behind the scenes .

according to the understanding of , Zhang Ziyi and Yu Yuexian are both Chinese opera alumni , Aside from popularity , Zhang Ziyi also needs to call elder martial sister Yu Yuexian , They are in 《 The birth of actors 》 On the same stage for the first time , Zhang Ziyi's chat records are also from that period .

At that time, they were still talking “ The coming days would be long ”, But I didn't expect to wait for their cooperation for more than three years , I'll never wait again . Zhang Ziyi's posting , It also caused many netizens to burst into tears , It can only be said that things are changeable .

In fact, Yu Yuexian's career is full of highlights , including 《 Rural love 》 series 、《 Water margin 》《 Green mountains, green waters and red days 》《 Ideals shine in China 》 etc. , She has also won the Huading Award for best actress in rural theme 、 The sixth Huading award is the award of top ten TV stars loved by ordinary people , But she is low-key , There is little gossip .

In the impression of many viewers , Yu Yuexian is a country opera professional , But in fact, Yu Yuexian's business ability is not limited to country drama . Yu Yuexian is an actor of professional background , Graduated from the performance Department of the Central Academy of drama , At that time 《 The birth of an actor 》 I also hope I can have more possibilities in acting .

Yu Yuexian died , For the entire film and television industry , It's a big loss for the audience ,《 Rural love 》 From then on, there is no such careless big foot of thanks . in any case , I hope she can go all the way .

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