Star died in a car accident: Liu Dan didn't fasten his seat belt, and Zhao Benshan's disciple died to escape paying a toll of 55 yuan

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8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming , At the age of 50 year .

It is reported that , The main reason for the accident was that Yu Yuexian and his party were moving too fast when filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , An accident happened , It led to his death due to his serious injury .

Many netizens said that the incident was too sudden , Mingming was watching Xie Dajiao scold Liu Neng last night , Why did you die today ?

Some netizens also lamented , Yesterday, paparazzi just exposed that actress Wang Zixuan took photos in the middle of the road without any scruples , Today, a star died in a car accident , It's really sad .

in fact , Except Yu Yuexian , Many stars in the entertainment industry left us because of improper driving operation .

One 、 Zhang Yusheng

1997 In the winter of , Singer Zhang Yusheng hit a roadside safety island due to fatigue driving , Lost control and rushed to the opposite lane , Because the collision is too strong , Causing head damage , Unfortunately died .

Speaking of Zhang Yusheng , Many people will first think of the song he sang 《 My future is not a dream 》.

As a musical talent , He is not only the teacher of singer Zhang Huimei , He is also a man of the hour in Taiwan's music industry , In his 31 In the life of , He wrote countless popular Golden Songs , Even after he died in a car accident , Still awarded the Golden Melody Award “ Special Contribution Award ”, In memory of his outstanding contribution .

Two 、 Liu Dan

Remember 98 year 《 Princess huanzhu 》 in , The amazing Liu Danhong ? To this day , She is still irreplaceable in the hearts of a generation “ Xiang Fei ”.

And her life is the same as Xiangfei , After amazing people , Fly away like a butterfly .

2000 year , Liu Dan and Zhu Hongjia 、 Lu Shiyu ( Namely “ Xiao Jian ” And “ Liu Qing ” Actor ) We drove from Guangzhou to Shenzhen together , Xu is tired of boat and car , Sitting in the back seat, Liu Dan was sleepy without wearing his seat belt .

Who wanted to , Lu Shiyu turns the steering wheel to avoid the obstacles in front of her , The rear of the vehicle hit the protective fence , Liu Dan was thrown out of the car alive , To die or die .

3、 ... and 、 Niu Zhenhua

Perhaps many people are not familiar with Niu Zhenhua's name , But as a national first-class actor 、 Famous crosstalk artist , With his exquisite performance, he brought laughter to many audiences , Also honored in the Spring Festival Gala , Become the memory of the Spring Festival Gala of a generation .

He acted in 《 Legend of the God of wealth 》《 The more you live, the more you understand 》《 Back to back face to face 》 There are countless awards , Unfortunately, while a drunken driving ruined his acting career , It also cost him his life , It's a pity .

Four 、 Han Zhixing

Korean actress Han Zhixing also died of drunk driving .

It is reported that , Han Zhixing and his newly married husband of two months were drunk and drove on the highway , period , Han Zhixing's husband was in a hurry , Ask them to make an emergency stop on the highway , The following cars are convenient .

Soon after her husband got off the bus , Han Zhixing also came out of the car , Detour to the back of the car, bend over and vomit .

The two drunken people were totally unaware of the danger of parking on the highway , I haven't waited for my husband to solve his internal anxiety , Han Zhixing was knocked down by a car coming from the rear , To die or die .

5、 ... and 、 Zhang Xiaoguang

Zhang Xiaoguang, who is also a Benshan media actor with Yu Yuexian, is Zhao Benshan's first 10 An apprentice , He has participated in the works of Zhao Benshan and his elder martial brother Xiao Shenyang for many times , Make a lot of money , Seeing a bright future , But he died to escape paying highway tolls .

2016 year , When Zhang Xiaoguang drove his motorcycle past the high-speed toll station , I don't know what kind of Psychology , He didn't stop to pay his due 55 Yuan toll , Instead, choose to follow the private car in front at high speed , Trying to muddle through .

The consequences of this opportunistic behavior , It was Zhang Xiaoguang who hit the automatic falling toll rail , Lost his life .

Whether it's fatigue driving 、 Drunk driving or not wearing a seat belt 、 Speeding , All belong to irregular driving 、 Violation of traffic rules , Everyone is equal before life , With the help of 《 Wandering the earth 》 In one sentence :“ Thousands of roads , Safety clause 1 , Traffic irregularities , Relatives two lines of tears .”

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