"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. He was 50 years old and had no children. He slapped himself in the face to save his brother

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

The sad news of Yu Yuexian's death , It's unbelievable to many viewers , It's hard to accept that bright and beautiful “ Thank you ” So I left .

Soon , Yu Yuexian's brother 、 Xiaoshenyang and Benshan media confirmed the authenticity of the news ,“ Aunt Bigfoot ” It's really gone .


1971 year , Yu Yuexian was born in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , She was carved in powder and jade and did not make her family happy , On the contrary, grandparents are full of dislike for her .

They said discontentedly “ Spilled water , Sooner or later, it's someone else's !”

Yu Yuexian 12 At the age of , Mother gave birth to three girls , Finally gave birth to a brother , My brother got the sole favor of the whole family .

Yu Yuexian secretly made up her mind , Try to stand out , Let the family look at her with new eyes .

Yu Yuexian is good at singing and dancing from urination , After graduating from middle school, he was admitted to Chifeng No. 1 vocational secondary school , Because of his excellent performance, he was kept in school to teach .

Family think , Yu Yuexian getting such a job is the best way for girls , After a few years, I found a good man to marry , Have another child , Life is complete .

Yu Yuexian doesn't think so , In her heart , Have bigger dreams and stage .

1992 year , Yu Yuexian took great pains to enter the Central Academy of drama , Although grandpa said he was not at home when he went to study , She still set foot on the journey without hesitation , Go after your dreams .


When I was studying at the Central Academy of drama , Yu Yuexian and her classmate Zhang Xuesong came together .

At graduation , Two people were assigned to two places , Because of deep feelings , Unwilling to separate, they gave up their work arrangement , Started to drift North .

They live in a monthly rent 200 Yuan old bungalow , Winter without heating , Yu Yuexian is often awakened by cold , But never shake their love .

Yu Yuexian sees the crew everywhere , Most of them received small supporting roles , Sometimes there is no filming .

Just when Yu Yuexian was running about for life , My brother has serious physical problems , It's not optimistic .

Yu Yuexian 18 Year old brother scoliosis up to 174 degree , Internal organs are severely squeezed and deformed , Urgent need for treatment , The doctor said “ If not treated , High paraplegia in two years , Even life is lost ”.

This is the time , Yu Yuexian in Beijing has become a life-saving straw , The family pinned all their hopes on her .


Zhang Xuesong and Yu Yuexian took their younger brother to their side , Find Professor Qiu Yong, an expert specializing in scoliosis in Nanjing Gulou Hospital , He made an operation plan for his brother Yu Yingjie .

The operation needs to be performed several times , But it wasn't long before Yu Yuexian prepared 5 Ten thousand yuan is left , The remaining gap is 10 Wan Zhi Du .

It's not just about money , My brother's operation is at great risk , To reassure the doctor, his brother and his family , Yu Yuexian promised :“ Once on the operating table, you don't come back , All the accusations I bear . If you're in a wheelchair , I'll raise you all my life !”

My brother has hope , Yu Yuexian fell into a dilemma .

For her who was almost penniless at that time ,10 Ten thousand yuan is like astronomical figures , But she gritted her teeth and promised .

The family can't count on it , Yu Yuexian can only turn to her friends , But suffered a series of blows .

A good friend on weekdays , When I heard about borrowing money , Find all kinds of reasons to refuse , Yu Yuexian stood on the street of Nuo University in Beijing and burst into tears .

Telephone , She didn't have the courage to fight , I can only walk around blankly and aimlessly .

Last , Or the love for her brother made Yu Yuexian summon up courage , She slapped herself in the face :“ By this time , What more dignity and reserve !”

Yu Yuexian opened her address book , Call one after another , Until the appearance of Li Ge and Liu Tao .

Li Ge is the famous 《 Wash mom's feet 》 Advertising heroine , Hear Yu Yuexian's words , Let Yu Yuexian wait for her directly .

Li Ge handed Yu Yuexian 30000 yuan and left , Yu Yuexian wrote an IOU and handed it to Li Ge in the car , For a kung fu , The IOU turns into flying scraps of paper .

That scene , No matter how many years , Will still clearly float in front of the Moon Fairy .

Actor Liu Tao is Yu Yuexian's partner , When he got the call , On a moving train .

Ten minutes later , Liu Tao asked Yu Yuexian to go to his friend's hotel to get 20000 yuan , Later, Liu Tao sold his shares and returned them to his friends .

Zhang Xuesong and FA Xiaowang Shuo are making a play with a pay of 50000 , I don't see what money looks like , Directly to Yu Yuexian .

With the hard won 100000 life-saving money , Yu Yuexian hurried back to Nanjing .

Fortunately, , My brother was saved , The body gradually recovered . later , My brother married a beautiful daughter-in-law , Having two children , Live a happy life .

Yu Yuexian is busy with her career , Busy taking care of your family , Busy improving the lives of parents and siblings , Never had a baby ,50 Left childless at the age of .


Yu Yuexian's cousin Ma Lijuan is Zhao Benshan's wife , With Yu Yuexian's increasingly exquisite acting skills , Zhao Benshan finally affirmed Yu Yuexian's ability , Let her in 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 Play a small role in .

Yu Yuexian's performance was recognized by the audience , Zhao Benshan started further cooperation with her , Let her play 《 Rural love 》 Female leader of Li “ Thank you ”.

《 Rural love 》 Take a picture of 15 Ministry , Aunt Bigfoot has always been the soul of ivory mountain village , Loved by the audience .

if ,《 Rural love 》 Achieved Yu Yuexian , that 《 Rural love 》 The success of is also inseparable from the credit of Yuexian .

Without aunt Bigfoot ,《 Rural love 》 Can we continue shooting ?

Any actor , Nor can it replace Yu Yuexian's “ Thank you ”, She injected the character with soul and blood .

Thanks to Yu Yuexian for her wonderful works and performances , May she go all the way , I also hope her family will be sad .

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