Yu Yuexian's death time is public: a car accident occurred at 3 a.m. and the accident is under further evidence investigation

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yu yuexian death time public

Very unexpected , Yu Yuexian's sudden death is unacceptable . Many stars in the entertainment industry dare not accept this fact , It even describes that everything comes too suddenly , Without any preparation , Too unexpected .

And the details of Yu Yuexian's current death , At present, new news has come from the traffic police detachment of Alxa League , The traffic police responded that Yu Yuexian really died because of a car accident , And the time is 8 month 9 Early in the morning 3 P.m. .

This news was also confirmed by Yu Yuexian's friend Liu Liu , According to Liu Liu's message to the media , Yu Yuexian was on her way to attend a commercial show when she encountered a car accident , Because the car accident was very serious , Finally, she died during the rescue process .

Other details about the accident , In the interview, Liu Liu described everything as inconvenient to disclose , There are not many confirmed cases , All the actual details behind , All need to be released after the police investigate .

What is certain is that the accident happened on a certain section of Alashan road , But where , It is inconvenient for the police to announce . The Yu Yuexian incident occurred in the early morning 3 P.m. , And finally died after ineffective rescue .

This should also prove that there was news on the previous network that , Yu Yuexian was involved in a car accident in Alashan League, Inner Mongolia . Alashan League traffic police said they would release the investigation results through public channels after further investigation .

What kind of car accident happened , What are the details of the accident , Some netizens speculated that under the condition of small traffic flow , It may be a rollover accident caused by too fast speed . Otherwise, it's just speculation , All results are subject to the details published by the police .

At present, nothing about Yu Yuexian's death has been announced , The news from Shenyang said that Yu Yuexian's two eldest sisters had rushed to the scene of the incident , But my brother can't go because of physical reasons . The two eldest sisters will represent their families to the scene , Deal with the affairs behind Yu Yuexian , Implement the details of the accident .

Don't give up her leaving , On the one hand, people describe “ Thank you ” Your acting skills are really very good , And a real strength artist . Especially when she's in the show business , Popularity is also particularly good .

On the other hand, Yu Yuexian beauty is really young , only 50 She has a lot of things she hasn't tried , There was no time to deal with . According to the media , Yu Yuexian devoted her best time to her career , Also paid too much for the family . I really hope it's just a joke , She's still alive .

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