Pocket spent 5.5 million on a used car. The steering wheel fell off and the light was blurred. Han Anran said that the new car was only 6 million

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pocket spent million used car.

Introduction : Han Anran is in the net red circle , It's a little famous , Since I participated in 《 Deformable meter 》 after , She has always been very popular . Without Mr. pig , She wouldn't have so much black stuff , Unfortunately, the other party is not only a soft rice man , And always like to rub the heat . Mr. pig doesn't just rub himself , With your current girlfriend , I'm afraid others don't know , He said he was second-hand .

Some time ago, I bought a car for Mr. pig , flowers 550 Wan bought a second-hand Rolls Royce , At that time, she said Mr. pig was second-hand , So the car can only be equipped with second-hand . I thought I didn't care , I didn't expect her to be sarcastic , It seems that Mr. pig's days , It's not that good . Pocket means that a new car costs seven or eight million , Can buy a suite , But Han Anran beat him in the face .

Han Anran said during the live broadcast , The new Rolls Royce phantom , After the discount, it's just 600 ten thousand , Douerlian 550 Wandu is willing to spend , I'm not willing to 50 ten thousand ? She bought Rolls Royce before , So I'm familiar with the price of this car , The original price is really expensive , If you can afford it 550 ten thousand , Naturally, it's not bad 50 ten thousand , The only explanation is , I didn't buy the car at all .

When Mr. pig received the car , Very excited to share with netizens , The result was found by sharp eyed netizens , There are several positions on the steering wheel , The skin has been worn off . He said that the original owner bought the car only last year , Mr. pig said please allow some traces of years on the car , I don't know. I bought a car for a year , The steering wheel leather is broken , Even an ordinary car , It's not so bad ?

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