Chen Sicheng celebrated his ex-wife's birthday for the first time after his divorce. He took a warm group photo of his mother and daughter, but the comment area overturned!

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chen sicheng celebrated ex-wife ex

Since Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya were in 520 Since the official announced the divorce that day , They ended up 7 Years of marriage , They decided to raise their sons together , Once the “ Northern Ireland official configuration CP” Official Downline .

It seems that Chen Sicheng is indeed what the official said when announcing the divorce , Guard Tong Liya with another identity .8 month 8 It's Tong Liya 38 birthday , Chen Sicheng stayed up late to celebrate Tong Liya's birthday , And sweetly call Tong Liya Duoduo's mother , Happy birthday to her , be young forever !

however , Prior to 520 On the same day, the official announced a divorce , Later, I celebrated my ex-wife's birthday , Chen Sicheng's series of operations is also quite amazing . Some netizens think that Chen Sicheng is deliberately frying affectionate people , After all, the reason why the relationship between Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya broke down , Probably because of his cheating rumors . Now look back and cherish your old friends , Will inevitably be suspected .

Some netizens speculated that Chen Sicheng was a prodigal son , I hope I can save Tong Liya with considerate actions .

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