Equipped with lidar, suspected spy photos of Xiaopeng's medium and large SUV

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equipped lidar suspected spy photos

[ Car home Domestic spy photos ]  In recent days, , Some netizens exposed the suspected Xiaopeng car, a new medium and large-scale SUV Spy photos of , The new car or Xiaopeng car will be in 2022 The fourth mass production model launched in , Its or with Xiao peng car P7( Parameters | inquiry ) Produced on the same platform . From the spy photos , At present, the car is still in a confidential state , But the front surround 、 Headlights and other details have been disclosed . It is reported that , The car will be equipped with a higher level of automatic driving system and lidar , Can support XPILOT 4.0 System .

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First of all, combined with the previous spy photos , The new car is still used with P7、G3i Similar split headlamp design , The upper light distribution belt runs through the front of the vehicle , The lower part is the main lighting source ; But with P7 Different , The front of the new car is high , Therefore, the area of the corresponding lighting part is also larger . The new model of Xiaopeng automobile to be launched soon P5 Lidar has been equipped , You can see in the spy photos , This brand new SUV The model is also suspected to be equipped with lidar under the lamp group .

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『 Previously, it was suspected that Xiaopeng car was a new medium and large-sized car SUV Spy photos 』

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Previously, Xiaopeng automobile published the fourth paragraph in the prospectus SUV models ( Following G3i After that SUV models ) Planning information for , For now , expect “ The fourth paragraph SUV” It's the medium and large-sized one in our spy photos SUV. It is reported that , The price of a new car may be higher than that of Xiaopeng P7 Normal version 、 Lower than Xiaopeng car P7 Peng wing model , The expected price is 28-38 Ten thousand yuan or so . Body size part ,P7 The platform can support 2800-3100mm Wheelbase range , The exact size of this model has to wait for further official information . in addition , Smart chassis 、 Air suspension and other configurations are also expected to appear in this new medium and large-scale vehicle SUV On .( Spy source : Meat daddy ev; writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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