Actor Yu Yuexian, 50, died in a car accident. He worked too hard before he died and had no children all his life

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actor yu yuexian died car

What a surprise , It's too sudden , The famous actor Yu Yuexian is in 2021 year 8 month 9 Filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia on the morning of the th , Because the speed is too fast , There was an accident . Yu Yuexian was seriously injured , No rescue , Finally died .

I was really shocked when I saw the news ,1971 Yu Yuexian, who was born in, is only... This year 50 Age , At the height of life , Just left so suddenly . Everything was so caught off guard , It's a pity .

Some netizens were surprised when they heard the news and left a message saying :“ My god , It's too sudden ! In my impression, she is still the careless Xie Dajiao in rural love , When I see the news again, it's this kind of news , It's hard to accept .”

Live in the world , Each of us is a mere mortal , Tomorrow and accident never know which comes first . After experiencing the epidemic 、 After the flood in Henan , We feel too many living examples . The person who talked to you with a smile last second , In the twinkling of an eye, yin and yang are separated .

《 Rural love 》 The role of Xie Dajiao, who is straight and quick in the center, has made Yu Yuexian , Also because of this role, she began to be familiar with . Many people think that Yu Yuexian has never studied formal performance , Er Ren Zhuan was born as an actor , In fact, she is a real professional actress . She is the Acting Department of the Central Academy of drama 92 The students of the class , And Wang Xuebing 、 Shike 、 Jiang Shan is a college classmate .

Although Yu Yuexian and Zhao Benshan are related , Outsiders seem to have unique conditions , But along the way, her acting career has been very bumpy , Full of heartache . Shooting 《 Rural love 》 Before , Yu Yuexian is not very famous , Most of them are supporting actors , As a result, many viewers are not familiar with her , But this does not affect her solid acting skills .

Many people think Yu Yuexian has always been like Xie Dajiao , In fact, she was once a beautiful beauty . stay 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 She plays Chen Wuzhen , Charming , It's impressive .

2006 Yu Yuexian filmed a light comedy of rural love 《 Rural love 》, That year she just 35 year . For the needs of the plot , And to get closer to the character , Yu Yuexian just made herself fat , From the details, the role of Xie Dajiao is polished to be more three-dimensional and plump .

You know, female stars should eat this bowl of rice , You must keep in good shape . But Yu Yuexian doesn't care about these , She cherishes the hard won opportunity , Not only eat yourself fat , And tanned myself , Even when talking, he deliberately raised his voice . These efforts are not in vain , Yu Yuexian on the screen , One word, one action, one look , They all played the little character Xie Dajiao .

“ Thank you ” Achieved Yu Yuexian , It also opened her popularity , Wherever she went, she was affectionately called “ Aunt Bigfoot ”.

Now , Si people died ,《 Rural love 》 In the sequel of, there is no wind in Xie Dajiao . Xiao Shenyang sent a document saying :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way .”

Director Wu Tong wrote that , Recording 《 The birth of an actor 》 when , Yu Yuexian is the oldest player , But her earnest and hard work is not inferior to that of young actors . The last chat was a year ago , It was a pity that ACE didn't invite sister Yuexian , I didn't expect that one regret has become a permanent regret .

All say , In the first half of one's life, one should keep adding , After going through the trials of life, you should learn to subtract . Stay away from the people and things that consume you , Save time and energy for the people you want to be with most .

The rest of my life , Not long , Cherish what you have now , Love you love , Will not leave regret , Leave in a hurry .

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