At the age of 50, Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Zhang Ziyi and Xiao Shenyang sent documents to mourn. Their words were full of grief

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age yu yuexian died car

8 month 9 Japan ,“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , At the age of 50 year . According to a person familiar with the matter , Yu Yuexian was driving too fast while working outside, resulting in a car accident , Unfortunately, he died because of his serious injury .

Because it was too sudden, many netizens expressed shock and shouted 《 Rural love 》 No more thanks, big foot , Friends in the entertainment circle also sent messages to mourn .

Xiao Shenyang sent a document to mourn :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way .”

Zhang Ziyi sent a document to mourn :“17 At the end of the year 《 The birth of an actor 》 I met sister Yuexian on the stage , It's agreed that the future will be long ? Go all the way, elder martial sister .” It makes people cry .

Wu Tong also sent a document to mourn Teacher Yu Yuexian , And attached a photo : The bad news came , It's hard to accept for a while . Remember to record 《 The birth of an actor 》 when , Sister Yue Xian was the oldest player at that time , But hard work and seriousness are not lost to young actors . The last chat was a year ago , It was a pity that ACE failed to invite sister Yue Xian , I didn't expect that one regret has become a permanent regret ! Good bye. Take care. .

《 Rural love 》 Wang Xiaoli, the actor of Liu Neng, sent a document to mourn :“ I really can't accept such a departure , Dear aunt , Dear Bigfoot , All the way walk good ”.

Zhai Tianlin sent a document saying “ It must be fake , You are such a good person , Cooperation is good , It's good to be friends , Always encourage me , It must be fake . The elder sister , I'm so sad , It's so sad . ” And Xiong Ziqi 、 Jiang Chao 、 Xinzhilei , Sun Qian and other friends said they couldn't believe it , I hope Yu Yuexian can go well all the way .

It is worth mentioning that , Yu Yuexian's biggest regret is that she has no children . She and her husband are college classmates , The relationship between the two people is very deep . They have been married for 20 years without having children , Yu Yuexian said , At first, I didn't want children because I was afraid of affecting my career , After a successful career , I have to take care of my parents and sick brother .

My brother Yu Yingjie is 8 At the age of , Suddenly suffering from “ Strange disease ”, The spine bends gradually , To 18 Scoliosis at the age of 174 degree , Internal organs are severely squeezed and deformed , A doctor once claimed that he would have high paraplegia within two years , Even life is lost .

As a family “ Top beam column ”, Yu Yuexian went around seeking medical treatment for her brother , While ignoring family opposition , Study hard , If you wish, you will be admitted to the performance Department of the Central Academy of drama , And met her husband Zhang Xuesong during college . The husband and wife always treat their brother as a top priority , Try every means , Overcome difficulties , Finally, with the concerted efforts of the husband and wife , My brother finally recovered and stood up !

It can be said that Yu Yuexian's selfless dedication , Gave my brother a chance to regain his life , Such Yu Yuexian deserves our respect and love . Now her unfortunate death , It's the fall of another star in the entertainment industry , Although she left forever , But she left us many classic works .

Rest of the dead , All the way walk good .

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