Song Qian is also fascinated by the most popular "soft and hard" wearing method“ "Luxury car" suit + exposed navel a burst

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song qian fascinated popular soft

Speaking of suits , Preciseness and regularity are the first impression of it . But in the era of wild and hybrid , Suits are no longer limited to the workplace , Flexible use of different styles can make you more fashionable , Easily get rid of this stereotype .

There are many styles of suits , Learn to choose the right one according to your own characteristics and body conditions LOOK. For example, waist length suits are suitable for Party occasions , Matching with a simple dress or cool wide leg pants can instantly improve the body proportion line , In this way LOOK It's best to go to a best friend party , It won't steal the limelight, but it can also attract everyone's attention .

Remove the waist length Blazer , Jeans suits or flip sleeve suits, etc , Can set off your sassy temperament ; And in so many types of suits , The classic black style is essential in many girls' wardrobe , Pair it with jeans or a small skirt OK, This is a magic coat .

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