"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident, and their lives were also terminated by the accident

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

The news of Yu Yuexian's death in a car accident , It shocked countless netizens .

According to media reports , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident during filming .《 Rural love 》 The one in the has a loud voice , A person with a hot personality but a kind heart “ Aunt Bigfoot ”, Away from the audience who like her .

Netizens exclaim , Changgui died in the play , There is also Huang Shiyou , but “ Aunt Bigfoot ” But he really left .

Born in 1971 Yu Yuexian in , It is a powerful actor who has been in the arts for many years and is deeply loved by the audience . Except for the well-known “ Thank you ”, She has also created many impressive characters on the screen .

such as , On 2000 First broadcast in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》.

In the play, Yu Yuexian plays “ Chen Wuzhen ” A gorgeous face 、 Enchanting look , Between the eyes and the eyes , The circulation is full of amorous feelings and charm . In contrast to her gorgeous appearance , It's cruel and cruel “ Snake and scorpion beauty ” Make a pie . Because of Yu Yuexian's brilliant interpretation , Even if it's over 20 year , The role is still remembered by the audience .

Yu Yuexian's accidental death , It reminds people of the same artists who died in a car accident in the entertainment industry .

1999 First broadcast in 《 Princess huanzhu 2》 in , Liu Dan plays Princess Hanxiang with bright eyes and bright teeth 、 Charming and beautiful , Especially her exotic clothes , When dancing among the dancing butterflies , It also surprised many viewers .

At that time , Too many girls want one “ Xiangfei hat ”.

《 Princess huanzhu 2》 after , Liu Dan also starred in 《 A sequel to journey to the West 》 The Dragon Girl of the West Sea 、 The movie 《 Valentine's Holiday Inn 》, And with the latter, she was shortlisted for the best actress of the Hundred Flowers Award .

But just as her career was booming , An accident suddenly came .2000 year 1 month 30 Japan , Liu Dan died in a car accident on the highway , Only 27 year .

At that time , It's less than a year since she became popular .

Lausanne's fate is similar to that of Liu Dan .

Born in 1968 Lausanne in ,1993 Partner with master Bolin in , rely on “ Lausanne learned art ” Brilliant performance in the series , Soon became a popular comedian .

On stage , Lausanne used his eloquence to trumpet 、 The timbre of Suona and other musical instruments 、 The melody is presented to the audience , And combine it with the repertoire of classic dramas , Then rub it with funny elements . His excellent imitation and oral performance , Often make the highlights of the program appear frequently .

1995 year 10 month 2 Japan , This bright rising star died because of a car accident , Life is always fixed in 27 year .

With a beautiful face 、 Xu Weilun with a sweet smile , Because of Wang Leehom's MV And into the show business . Once a hit 《 Meteor garden 》 in , She played “ Asarum ” Although the play is not much , But it is remembered for its outstanding appearance .

Xu Weilun is not only good in appearance , And acting is very spiritual , In addition, he has good musical talent . In a row 《 Secretly fall in love with you 》、《 Love tornadoes 》 After a few episodes , Soon became a popular “ Jade girl ” New star , Two personal photo albums launched successively have sold well .

2007 year 1 month 26 Japan , Xu Weilun had an accident while riding in his assistant's car , Died two days later , At the age of 28 year .

Learning to sing since childhood 、 Chen Yuyi of piano ,18 I won the championship in the singing competition at the age of .2011 year ,24 Chen Yuyi, aged, signed a contract with a record company , Officially debut as a singer .

The second year of his debut , In her first solo album 《 Forget the river 》 Was selected “2012 The golden song ”. In the same year , And won the rookie Wang Female Singer Award .

so to speak , The powerful Chen Yuyi has a bright future .

But in her third year , namely 2013 year 4 month 17 Early morning , Chen Yuyi had a serious accident while driving , Unfortunately, he died after being sent to hospital .

At that time , Chen Yuyi has just passed 26 Shortly after your birthday .

The actress who suffered a car accident in the same year , And I've played 《 Blue fox 》、《 Soul Ultimate Nation 》 Nie Xin .

Born in 1980 Nie Xin danced from primary school in ,19 I was admitted to “ Military art ” Acting Department . Her first work , It's with Jin Dong 、 A music TV series with Addo 《 Fruit girl 》.

and 《 Blue fox 》, It is Nie Xin's first work after graduation .

from 2002 Year of 《 Fruit girl 》 Start , Nie Xin played about 20 About film and television works , Partners include Chen Baoguo 、 Huang Bo 、 Fengyi Zhang 、 Tao Yin 、 Deng Chao and many other actors .

The following year 1 month , Nie Xin was in a car accident while filming 、 Seriously injured . Although the situation has improved after rescue , But after more than a year of treatment , Still failed to overcome the pain , On 2014 year 6 month 30 The sun died , At the age of 34 year .

Get slim 、 The beautiful Jiang Qianling is Malaysian , Before coming to China for development, it was already popular , Have acted in 《 Love exists 》 and 《 Angels have come 》, Also worked with Yin Zheng 《 Original sin 》.

2019 year 3 month 9 Japan , Jiang Qianling hit a big tree while driving , Causing head injury and death , There was only 29 year .

In addition to the above artists , Others who died accidentally in a car accident have sung red 《 The sea 》、《 A fish that swims all day long 》 Wait for many songs , Yes “ Music magician ” The singer Zhang Yusheng , He left only 31 year ;13 Starred in his first film at the age of , Due to participation 《 Fast and furious 》 Paul, who became popular in the series . Walker .2013 year 11 month ,40 Paul, a year old . Walker died in a car accident in Los Angeles ……

Accidents in the world , Always caught off guard , And sad . Whether it's stars or ordinary people , The greatest happiness in life , Nothing is better than “ Safety ” Two words .

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