At the age of 44, Chen Shu appeared in the brand store to shop, bought three carts of clothes, and his body size was exposed

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8 month 8 Japan , Some netizens posted on the social platform , It was revealed that Chen Shu appeared in a brand store to shop .

44 Chen Shu, aged, wears shoulder length short hair , Wearing a white cap, very low-key . She is tall and slim , Wearing a casual blue shirt and wide leg pants , Looks young , Intellectual and elegant temperament is very outstanding .

When Chen Shu chooses clothes , The staff came forward to help sort out . I didn't expect Chen Shu to have a super good temper , Frankly, I don't need help , Do it all yourself , There is no shelf at all .

The netizen revealed , Chen Shu originally went to the store alone , When choosing clothes, they are very serious , Also patiently listen to the opinions of the staff . She bought three carts of clothes , Then the assistant arrived , It is suspected that it is to prepare for the shooting of the new play .

Some netizens are very curious about Chen's size , Leave a message asking if you wear s code ? Breaking the news, netizens also revealed the specific information of Chen Shu , It means that her height is 170 about , It looks like it's just 105 Jin , Wear brand m code , It's a thin body with a wide hip .

Chen Shu graduated from the Central Academy of drama , For acting 《 The story of the traveler 》 Enter the performing arts circle . She starred 《 Fall in love with the city 》、《 I love my boyfriend 》、《 Peace Hotel 》 Such drama , Gained a high reputation , Loved by the audience . By virtue of 《 Iron pear flower 》 Get Magnolia 、 Golden Eagle 、 The three best heroines of Huading , Ascend to the throne of empress , Become a hot power actress in China .

Chen Shu's temperament is elegant , Excellent acting , As daunting as the flower of kaolin , I didn't expect to be so low-key and easy-going in private . I look forward to the early broadcast of her new play , I wish you all the best , I hope I can see Chen Shu's beautiful figure on the screen soon .

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