Buy Volvo to avoid this car. It is small and expensive. The sales volume in June was only 350 units!

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buy volvo avoid car. car

Since Volvo was acquired by Geely in the passenger car sector , Volvo's models have gradually realized domestic production in China . Like Volvo made in China XC60、S90、S60 Models such as , Compared with the previous imported models , The terminal price has dropped a lot .

And thanks to the decline in manufacturing costs , Those models made by Volvo in China , At present, the terminal also generally has great preferential strength . This makes Volvo's sales in the domestic second tier luxury brand car market second only to Cadillac and Lexus , For those who want to buy a less high-profile luxury car , Volvo model naturally becomes a good alternative . After all , Volvo is in the eyes of Chinese people , It is also a luxury car brand with high safety .

however , For consumers who want to buy a Volvo model , I think except XC60、S90、S60 this 3 Other than this model , Others are like Volvo XC40 Just don't buy it . Need to know ,XC40 Now it has become the worst selling car among Volvo's fuel models in China , In this year's 6 month ,XC40 Just handed in one 350 Monthly sales report of vehicles , Well, Volvo is a slow-moving model in China . in addition , Even in this year's 1-6 month ,XC40 The sales volume is only 5373 car , Or the worst selling Volvo fuel SUV.

therefore , It's such a car that no one wants to buy , Personally, I suggest you avoid when choosing Volvo brand , After all , Many netizens said : flowers 26 Wan will buy one with such shape “ Mean ” The compactness of SUV, It's better to choose a bigger space 、 It looks like an imposing BMW X1.

After listening, think about , In fact, what netizens say is not unreasonable , After all, Volvo XC40 It's really too hip pulling , It's not worth it at all 26 The price from 10000 , Therefore, the poor terminal sales seem to have been doomed .

See Volvo XC40 The appearance of the , Many people may associate it with the word sense of delicacy , But let me say , This is just a XC60 A smaller version ? How does it have anything to do with the sense of delicacy ? The front face is Volvo's iconic China open and “ quake ” Headlights , Highly recognizable . The side of the car body is also thick and secure , Very Nordic . The rear of the car looks like “ Convex ” The font , There are some characteristics , And it's easy to recognize that this is a Volvo model .

however , Besides these , Volvo XC40 There's no bright spot . Body size ,XC40 Its length, width and height are only 4425/1863/1652mm, The wheelbase is only 2702mm, Compared with the price 、 Same as compact SUV The BMW X1, Not dominant in size and wheelbase , Therefore, it is easy for consumers to give up XC40 Instead of choosing something like BMW X1 Such a larger size SUV models .

Into the car , Admit it ,XC40 The color matching of dark and light used in the interior , It can really create a very warm home atmosphere , But as the saying goes : He gets tired of abalone every day . And see XC40 We'll find , original XC60、XC90、S60、S90 They all use the same set of interiors . At this point, I have to say , Volvo is really good at interior design ,5 Each car only needs to design a set of interior upholstery , How easy it is for such a designer to work , Praise Volvo designers .

Let's look at space , height 180cm The experiencer of XC40 The back row , Legroom is only 3 finger , Head space is only 1 boxing , The overall spatial performance can only be said to be general , Compared with BMW X1 The huge back space , It's really “ Nothing is as good as nothing ” 了 . In addition, in terms of comfort ,XC40 My seat doesn't feel good , It's hard to ride as a whole , And the wrapping feeling is not very good 、 The cushion length is also short , It's uncomfortable to ride long distances .

As for motivation , Volvo XC40 Three powertrain options are available , The tail marks are T3、T4 and T5, Corresponding 1.5T、2.0T Low work and 2.0T High work , The maximum power is respectively 163 horsepower 、190 Horsepower and 247 horsepower , The gearbox matches 8AT. The main selling model must be T4, The throttle response is smooth and not too smart , Easy to control , Suitable for swimming in the city ; The matching maturity of transmission and engine is very good , Be able to accurately understand the driver's intention . Suspension alignment is not blindly soft , Will convey some sense of the way in , But don't worry that the vibration is too obvious .

In terms of the owner's reputation , Volvo XC40 Generally make complaints about the middle floor of the back row 、 The wind is noisy 、 High tire noise 、 The rear seats are uncomfortable 、 The front passenger doesn't have problems with electric adjustment . Besides , The response of the vehicle engine system was frustrated 、 Insensitive touch is also a problem with the car , Therefore, this may also be a major reason why people don't like to buy it .

At the end : Through analysis, we can see , Actually, Volvo XC40 The product power of is not very strong . As a price 26.48-38.58 10000 yuan compact luxury brand SUV,XC40 Regardless of the appearance and atmosphere 、 The interior is exquisite 、 Space performance 、 Seat comfort or power experience , None of them can surpass their peers BBA The strength of the model . In addition, the Volvo brand has lost some influence in the past two years , Terminal prices have also been volatile ( At present, there is a discount 5 ten thousand ), Therefore, I want to buy such a compact model with high price but low cost performance SUV There are fewer and fewer people .

All in all ,XC40 Volvo is undoubtedly the worst selling car , People who want to buy Volvo brand also try to avoid starting this car , After all , It's small 、 Expensive price 、 Low cost performance , It's not cost-effective , So don't buy if you can .( writing / Youshi auto Dazhuo )

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