"Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident in Yuexian. He was only 50 years old. Friends in the circle sent messages to mourn

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xie dajiao died car accident

8 month 9 Japan , According to media reports , Famous actor Yu Yuexian ,《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” Actor , Unfortunately, he had a car accident at work in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , He was declared dead because of his serious injury , At the age of 50 year .

The news , It's shocking that you can't return to God for a long time , It's really a changing world , Tomorrow or accident, I don't know which comes first .

After the incident , A reporter contacted Yu Yuexian's brother by telephone , Yu Yingjie, assistant to Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media .

Yu Yingjie told reporters , He just learned the bad news , But he doesn't know the details .

He and his two eldest sisters are rushing to the accident site from Chifeng's home in Inner Mongolia .

Well known program director Wu Tong learned the news , Send a message on the social platform to mourn , He said he couldn't accept the bad news , In the process of cooperation with Yu Yuexian , Yu Yuexian's efforts and seriousness deeply moved him .

And regret that she was not invited to her program :“ I didn't expect that one regret has become a permanent regret ! Good bye. Take care. !”

Little Shenyang 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Sun Qian 、 Xin Zhilei and other friends in the circle have also sent documents to mourn Yu Yuexian , I can't believe it , How I wish all this was false .

Yu Yuexian plays “ Thank you ” A corner of fire spread all over the north and south of the river ,《 Rural love 》 How many seasons , She has accompanied the audience for many years .

But as a good actor , Yu Yuexian has also created many successful characters .

As early as 1994 year , Yu Yuexian is in the TV play 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》 China and Li Chengru 、 Luo Haiqiong and other well-known actors did the play .

The next few years , She appeared one after another 《 There is love in troubled times 》、《 Later biography of journey to the West 》、《 Ma Da Shuai 》 TV series , But none of this made Yu Yuexian stand out , until 2006 TV series of 《 Rural love 》 The birth of , Just let the people all over the country know the supermarket owner of ivory Hill “ Thank you ”.

seen 《 Rural love 》 Everyone knows , Xie Dajiao is hot and straightforward , But very kind , I like to be with the women in the village “ Pull your wife's tongue ”, She is a typical rural woman .

Playing Xie Dajiao for so many years , The audience took it for granted that , Yu Yuexian himself is like this .

But look back on Yu Yuexian's old photos when she was young , Will be awed by her beauty , Especially when she 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The Banshee in “ Chen Wuzhen ”, Let a lot of people exclaim : It was her !

Chen Wuzhen is flirtatious and charming , Impressed a lot of people , But few people can connect the beautiful Chen Wuzhen with the tacky Xie Dajiao .

Some people say , Yu Yuexian not only has first-class acting skills , She is also the Pearl of dust in the entertainment industry , It's an underestimated beauty .

as everyone knows , Yu Yuexian has another identity , Is Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , But she never took advantage of this status , The bitter you should eat , Didn't eat less at all .

In order to get the approval of my brother-in-law , She tried to get close to “ Thank you ” Image , Go to the countryside in advance to experience life , Add more than ten kilograms , Specialized in tanning the skin , He broke himself from a beautiful woman to a rural woman , hold “ Thank you ” Acting live .

Now? ,“ Thank you ” Died , We're in the new season 《 Rural love 》 I'll never see her again , I hope Yu Yuexian can go well all the way , She will always remain in the hearts of the audience .

《 Rural love 》 from 2006 After the broadcast in , So far, we have photographed the third 13 Ministry , The audience has long been unable to distinguish between inside and outside the play .

Actually , There are many actors like the people in the play , Has left forever .

2016 year 9 month 21 Japan , stay 《 Country love Serenade 》 In the play “ The hotelier ” Zhang Xiaoguang drove his motorcycle onto the highway , Try to speed up and follow the SUV ahead through ETC Channel time , Hit by an automatically falling toll pole , Died on the spot .

stay 《 Rural love 》 As “ Li Fu ”, stay 《 Liu Lao root 》 As a corrupt official “ Feng Yuan ” Li Zhengchun , I've been in poor health during the shooting , On 2007 He died of illness in , At the age of 45 year .

《 Rural love 》 The audience said , Wang Yun is the only one left in Dajiao supermarket in the future , No one scolded Xie Guangkun and Liu Neng anymore . Some viewers also said , Xie Dajiao must have gone to heaven to accompany your uncle , They will be happy in heaven .

Although Yu Yuexian died , But her role will remain in the hearts of the audience forever , Thank her for bringing so many good roles to everyone , All the way walk good !

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