Police responded to the cause and details of Yu Yuexian's car accident: driving into a camel in the early morning, and the driver and others were injured

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8 month 9 The famous actress Yu Yuexian was suddenly confirmed by Benshan media that she died in a car accident ! At the age of 50 year .

My brother Yu Yingjie confirmed the news of my sister's death , But he said the specific reason is not clear , At present, we are working with our two eldest sisters to deal with the incident at the scene .

After Yu Yuexian died , Zhang ziyi 、《 Rural love 》 Director Xu Zhengchao , And Wu Yunfei, an actor of Benshan media 、 Wensong 、 Little Shenyang and other stars have sent messages to mourn .

I can't accept the cruel reality of Yu Yuexian's sudden departure , as everyone knows , Yu Yuexian is also Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , It's Ma Lijuan's cousin . It must be difficult for Zhao Benshan's family to accept the news of her accidental death .

After Yu Yuexian died , The media contacted the Alashan traffic police , The traffic police said at the time that they didn't know the location and specific situation of the accident , Further investigation is required before the results can be informed .

after ,《 Rural love 》 As “ Liu big head ” Actor Liu Liu revealed , Yu Yuexian was in the early morning 3 Point to the car accident on the way to the event .

I have to sigh , Yu Yuexian really works hard . Even in the early morning 3 I'm still on the road at o'clock !

Afternoon 16 spot 37 branch , Some media finally contacted Alashan traffic police , And learned the specific cause of Yu Yuexian's car accident from the traffic police , According to the relevant person in charge of Alxa traffic police detachment , After receiving the accident information this morning, the police went out immediately .

stay 8 month 9 Japan 3 spot 30 about , Yu Yuexian took SUV The vehicle collided with two camels on the road , Yu Yuexian was killed . And the driver and others on board were injured , Two camels died .

Such a survey result is really surprising , I hope Miss Yu Yuexian will go well all the way , There are no more accidents in heaven !

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