Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident at the age of 50. The police informed Yu Yuexian of the cause of the car accident

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actor yu yuexian died car

8 month 9 Japan , The police informed Yu Yuexian of the cause of the accident , call 2021 year 8 month 9 No. In the morning 3 when 30 about , Yu Yuexian took SUV The vehicle collided with two camels on the road , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

8 month 9 Japan , According to media reports , Famous actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia , At the age of 50 year , According to an insider , It happened in 8 month 9 The morning of , Yu Yuexian filmed in Inner Mongolia , Accident due to excessive speed , Died of a serious injury . After Yu Yuexian's brother Yu Yingjie and his family learned the bad news , Has rushed to Inner Mongolia .

Benshan media confirmed Yu Yuexian's death , Once with Yu Yuexian 《 Rural love 》 The directors in the series 、 Actor Liu Liu also confirmed to the media that Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , He said he had received the news that Yu Yuexian died filming in Inner Mongolia , But I don't know which play I'm shooting .

After the news of Yu Yuexian's death came out , Many artists in the entertainment circle have sent messages to mourn , Zhang ziyi 、 Wang Xiaoli 、 Little Shenyang 、 Sun Qian 、 Jiang Chao 、 Wu Tong 、 Xinzhilei 、 Xiong Ziqi 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Jin Yan and others sent a document to mourn .

Yu Yuexian was born in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia , Graduated from the Central Academy of drama , But Yu Yuexian has been in obscurity for many years , Have acted in 《 The altar of life 》、《 Water margin 》、《 Later biography of journey to the West 》、《 Go into shisuo ditch 》、《 Yellow River waves 》 Etc .

Yu Yuexian later began filming rural film and television dramas , stay 《 Ma Da Shuai 3》 Participate in shooting , And play Liu Peiyun , Then he took part in 《 Rural love 》 series , And with “ Thank you ” The role of is well known to the audience .

It is reported that , Watching TV series 《 Rural love 》 On the air , Give Way “ Thank you ” Known and loved by TV viewers all over the country . about “ Thank you ” The success of the role , Yu Yuexian once thanked her brother-in-law Zhao Benshan for his help and guidance , And her husband Zhang Xuesong to accompany her to compete in acting .

Yu Yuexian, as a young actor with strong acting skills , Once a typical representative of beautiful aunts in country comedy , My brother-in-law Zhao Benshan has made great contributions to Yuexian's support , It is reported that Yu Yuexian's cousin is Ma Lijuan , It is Ma Lijuan's recommendation that gives Yu Yuexian the opportunity to become “ Thank you ”.

Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong have been married for many years , But no children , They are classmates in Chinese opera , Along the way, we face the hardships of life together , After graduation, they got married , They encourage each other , Common progress , Life is sweet and warm .

Yu Yuexian became famous through her efforts , Settle down with your parents 、 Pull sister-in-law , Become a pillar of family life , Zhang Xuesong, the director's husband, silently supported , Take care of his wife's daily life in the crew , And decided not to have children for his wife .

Yu Yuexian was moved to tears in the program and thanked her husband , The couple gave up childbearing for Yu Yuexian's sick brother , Zhang Xuesong said he would take his brother-in-law as his son to raise .

Yu Yuexian's last circle of friends before her death was also exposed , In the photo , Yu Yuexian smiled brightly at jingbiye , Don't forget to publicize the beauty of your hometown .

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