"Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident. Xiao Shenyang Jiang Chao sent a microblog to mourn. Zhai Tianlin was "very sad"

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xie dajiao died car accident.

When I wrote this article, I was in the same mood as everyone is now , unacceptable , I can't believe .

The famous actors we are familiar with ,《 Rural love 》 He Yuxian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident .

Years old 50 year , The message came out , Shocked the entertainment industry , On twitter , Also appeared for a long time “ detonation ” word .

Our beautiful aunt Bigfoot will never come back , Think about aftertaste , I can only find my memory on the screen .

Zhang Xiaoguang , Li Shujing , Liu Yu ......

I can't help feeling ,《 Rural love 》15 year , Several actors have left .


Speaking of Yu Yuexian , The first reaction of many people is “ Thank you ”,

This role is very popular , yes 《 Rural love 》 One of the main characters in .

Xie Dajiao, she 50 year , Running a sales department , Spicy and generous , It's very loud , Or a matchmaker .

《 Country stories 》 Why it's attractive , Because it has shaped the image of a group of rural people in the new era , Festive humor , It also contains endless power .

Xie Dajiao is one of them , Yu Yuexian is also loved by many audiences because of this role .

《 Rural love 》 The series is her masterpiece , from 2006 Year begins , It took years to shoot .

So that her other roles were forgotten by the audience .

Actually , Back in the last century 90 End of the decade , She has already started acting , Not yet 30 year , It's the peak of beauty .

stay 98 Version of 《 Water margin 》 in , She plays the sad and kind-hearted woman Jin Cuilian , Rescued by lutihad .

98 Version of 《 Water margin 》 Red all over the country , Almost nobody knows .

When the crew selects actors , Yu Yuexian saw the recruitment notice in the newspaper , Her teacher encouraged her to try Pan Jinlian's controversial role .

After the audition , Yu Yuexian didn't wait for Pan Jinlian , But I waited for another “ lotus ”, That's Jin Cuilian .

It's really God's will , If yu Yuexian played Pan Jinlian at that time , So now her masterpiece may be 《 Water margin 》 了 .


Play Jin Cuilian , It was a turning point in her acting career .

Many careful viewers will find , Yu Yuexian's plays and parts are quite classic , However , Besides Xie Dajiao , Most of the other roles are supporting roles .

such as , stay 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 in , There's her figure, too .

Speaking of this play , Many viewers will think it is “ Kichiku ”, Because of a lot of repetitive movements , Twenty years ago, it made the audience want to fall off the TV .

The failure of the play , The director has a lot of responsibility .

However , The play also has its advantages , That is, its script is quite well written , The screenwriter's imagination is very rich , From the mortal world to the three realms , Every character is very vivid .

Sun Wukong is still the powerful Sun Wukong , At the same time, it also has dual business online , Other characters also have their own charm , Even the big villains have no days , Also played very attractive by sunspots .

Yu Yuexian plays the female ghost Chen Wuzhen , This character can use all kinds of Customs , Amazing to describe , And Jin Cuilian are not the same type at all .

She fell in love with the spirit of the reincarnation of the Buddha , And marry him , Domineering .

so , Yu Yuexian's acting skills are quite good , Can also easily switch and change in different roles .


She plays a lot of costume plays .

Her appearance is also very generous and charming , And I'm playing 《 Rural love 》 after , She found her way .

Tried a lot of light comedy and rural life drama , such as 《 Master's promotion 》《 Red days 》 wait , Has been active in the eyes of the audience .

Until this year , She played 《 Rural love 13》 Broadcast again , It can still pull the audience back to that era .

In this year , She also forwarded her participation in the TV series 《 Ideals shine in China 》 Report at the Seminar , Became the publicity ambassador of his hometown .

For acting , The love of life is beyond words .

Her death , Also let many friends and stars in the circle mourn .

Appeared in 《 previous 》 Medium big mouth , And acting 《 Longling Grottoes 》 Jiang Chao of Zhongwang fat man sent a document , Give Way “ Fairy sister ” All the way walk good .

Xiao Shenyang said he couldn't believe it , Mourned “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ”.

Even Zhai Tianlin issued mourning words , Say you're too sad .

The death of Yu Yuexian made everyone very sad , I hope this one has excellent acting skills , Warm and forthright , A beautiful and kind-hearted big sister , All the way walk good .

There is no thanks in the world .

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