It is not just "Xie Dajiao" who is regretted. Each of the three stars who died in a car accident is heartbreaking

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xie dajiao regretted. regretted stars

《 Rural love 》 The iron powder of the series is really heartbroken this time , Because in the play “ Thank you ” Actress Yu Yuexian , On 9 I ran into a car accident on the way to filming , To die or die .

You never know which comes first tomorrow or accident , But the only thing you can be sure of is ,《 Rural love 》 Lost a great soul role forever , Let every man in the play covet “ A flower from ivory Hill ”.

The car accident took him away 50 Year old Yu Yuexian , And she is in the most brilliant and eye-catching struggle stage of her life . In the show business , There are also many artistic lives in her prime of life , Because of an unexpected car accident , And being forced to draw an end to life regret .

1、 Yu Yuexian

Yu Yuexian's growth experience and artistic talent , Is admirable . Born in a son preference northern family , I didn't abandon myself , On the contrary, she always believed that she could realize her personal dreams and values , Prove to those who believe that “ Women are inferior to men ” My folks, look .

Just graduated, she was assigned to the school as a teacher , That was the most admired job of that era “ Iron rice bowl ” One of the jobs , But Yu Yuexian is determined to take the Chinese opera exam , No one looked after her at that time , Especially her father , Because of this, she fell into a long cold war .

A child growing up on the grassland wants to see the outside world ? Not only does it sound like a fantasy , And she has no matching resources to support .

I have to admire the people of that era , In order to realize your dream, you can concentrate , The spirit of enduring the harsh external environment . Yu Yuexian is doing the dirty work of cleaning in the reception room of the school , While secretly signing up for a cram school, he worked hard to make up his art examination knowledge .

The emperor is willing to help others , She succeeded in being admitted to Chinese opera , Become 92 Class a performance class 15 A senior general among the students .

Many people only remember Yu Yuexian as “ Thank you ”, But in fact, her style when she was young is unique , It's not too much to say it's a classical beauty . stay 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 in , Her portrayal of Chen Wuzhen is fascinating , Delicate face with light makeup , It's so beautiful that I don't know where it's sacred .

Can only cherish , Mingming is an actress with both acting skills and appearance , But because I didn't have a good time or appreciate her Bole in my early years , Led to her death , It's just “ Thank you ” Such an aunt role is remembered .

2、 Liu Dan

《 Return the Pearl 》 The regret and 《 Rural love 》 The regrets of fans are similar , Because they are obsessed with “ Fragrant imperial concubine ” In real life, really “ Turned into a butterfly and flew away ”, What took away her young life was also a regretful and helpless car accident .

Millennium 1 An unfortunate accident at the end of the month , Liu Dan in the back seat of the car didn't fasten his seat belt , Thrown out of the car by huge centrifugal force , Directly on the head, blood flowing , It is said that the scene is even more shocking 、 Dare not look directly at .

Only Liu Dan died in the same car , It is said that “ Xiao Jian ” It's also on the bus. , The relationship between the two was so good that they were once considered lovers .

According to the memory of the nurse on duty later , On the day of the incident, a man broke into the hospital with injured Liu Dan , With a sobbing voice :“ You are like a fragrant imperial concubine , Fly away .” So it seems , That man may be Zhu Hongjia .

She also fixed her frame in “ Xiang Fei ” In this role , But she's actually 《 Prime Minister Liu Luoguo 》、《 Xinlongmen Inn 》 There have been faces in the play .

I've been a versatile person since I was a child “ Somebody else's child ”, Taking the road of art is also completely consistent with her talent gene , Who knows that heaven doesn't fulfill people's wishes , Let her in 25 At the age of, he said goodbye to his beloved art career .

If there had been no accident , She can't tell what brilliant achievements she has made now , Left one good work after another for people's endless aftertaste , Unfortunately, if .

3、 Zhang Xiaoguang

Yu Yuexian mentioned above , She also has a well-known identity , That's Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , The next one also died in a car accident , It's his apprentice Zhang Xiaoguang . The famous Er Ren Zhuan actor , On TV 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 series 、《 Cherry 》 They all play a lot of little people .

It is reported that , Zhang Xiaoguang was hit by a toll pole when he was riding a motorcycle through a toll exit , From the public on-site surveillance video , The rapidly lowered toll pole , The knot hit Zhang Xiaoguang riding a motorcycle .

Professionals explain this ECT The weight of the landing bar is actually very light , If you feel a little external force, it will fall off , And when the accident happened, Zhang Xiaoguang didn't have “ See red ”, It can be seen that this incident is still sudden and highly accidental .

Zhang Xiaoguang also slowly mixed out from the bottom ,13 I began to learn Er Ren Zhuan at the age of 、 Ping Ju Opera 、 All kinds of musical instruments , Gradually polish your skills well enough , To get under Zhao Benshan's door , Become a member of Liaoning folk art troupe . Now it hasn't been known by more viewers , It will disappear into our sight forever , I really can't help sighing !

4、 Zhang Yusheng

Although they all died in car accidents , But the car accident of music talent Zhang Yusheng , More or less “ wronged ”. Because he wasn't hit by the perpetrator , And it's all caused by your own fatigue driving .

At that time, many people couldn't believe the survey results , Finding the truth is not that simple , Guess Zhang Yusheng is drunk driving , Others say that he ended up like this because he was fun and racing with his friends .

But in the doctor's report , Completely restored his whereabouts on the day of the accident . From making records in the company , To have dinner with friends , Zhang Yusheng is probably connected 18 Hours , There was no rest on the way .

The scene was also a tragedy , The car was hit and completely deformed , Zhang Yusheng was also quickly sent to the operating room for first aid . In the intensive care unit, despite countless prayers for him , But Zhang Yusheng's situation has not really improved .

After a long fight against death 24 After heaven , The musical genius had to go to heaven . It caused a sensation at that time , No less than a high-intensity earthquake .

And we finally know why some people think Zhang Yusheng is drunk driving , Because he vomited a lot after a violent impact , The smell of fermented vomit , It does smell no different from alcohol . It's just like this “ The truth is restored ” Not what Zhang Yusheng's fans and family really want to see , Their regret and nostalgia for Zhang Yusheng continues to this day .

Life is really too impermanent and too fragile , No one can say at which moment he will ruin his whole life because of an accident . While we regret these talented artists , We must also pay more attention to road safety at ordinary times . Never let talent and career , Stop at the brightest stage of life .

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