Yu Yuexian, 50, died in a car accident and married her husband for more than 20 years without children! Raise your sick brother as a son

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yu yuexian died car accident

8 month 9 Japan , Someone familiar with the matter said , Yu Yuexian and his party were filming in Inner Mongolia , When going out, there was an accident due to too fast speed , He was declared dead because of his serious injury . Learned the bad news , Many netizens expressed their condolences , I hope she can go all the way !

Mention Yu Yuexian , I believe netizens will not be strangers . One of the most familiar roles should be 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao in , Although only a minor supporting role , But with his acting skills, he has been recognized by the audience .

Yu Yuexian's debut years have not been plain sailing , Hardly ever played the leading role . Although the career has been tepid , But I never thought of giving up the actor industry . Because she still bears the burden of supporting her family , It can be said to be the only pillar in the family !

I found out after picking up Yu Yuexian's life experience , It turned out that she was also a poor person .

Yu Yuexian grew up in a son preference family , The youngest brother in the family 8 I got ankylosing spondylitis at the age of . This strange disease will gradually bend people's spine , Until life can't take care of itself . If not treated in time , There is also a risk of high paraplegia and loss of life .

When my brother was ill , Yu Yuexian is just a newly graduated college student ,20 Million medical expenses have become a big problem again ! Yu Yuexian not only spent all her savings , I also looked around for friends to borrow money, but I also encountered a lot of coldness .

Fortunately, , Yu Yuexian met a good husband , Two people are not only college classmates, but also peers . Although the appearance is not beautiful , But it is the pillar behind Yu Yuexian ! Whenever Yu Yuexian encounters setbacks in her career and life , Zhang Xuesong always supports her silently behind her .

Before they get married , Yu Yuexian indicated in advance :“ Treating your brother is the top priority .” After listening, Zhang Xuesong not only didn't object , On the contrary, he also supports his wife's decision very much :“ It doesn't matter even if you don't have children , The big deal is to feed my brother-in-law as if he were my own son .”

To cure my brother , Yu Yuexian, who was preparing for the wedding, resolutely stopped all her itinerary . With the concerted efforts of the husband and wife , My brother finally recovered and stood up !

It can be said that Yu Yuexian's selfless dedication , Gave my brother a new life . Yu Yingjie is now not only successful in his career , And two very lovely daughters , But Yu Yuexian's life , In order to take care of my brother, earth shaking changes have taken place .

In the years of treating my brother , Yu Yuexian even delayed his life events . The couple got married 20 these years , I've never had my own children , In addition, now that we are old, we can meet but not ask ! Yu Yuexian blamed herself for this , I feel sorry for my husband .

Although there are no children , But the relationship between the husband and wife has always been the same , There has hardly been any big contradiction .

Yu Yuexian has been living for others all her life , I've worked hard for my family all my life , Such Yu Yuexian deserves our respect and love !

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