The male star drove a million luxury cars too high-profile, pressed the line for many times and occupied the emergency lane. Netizens criticized him for lacking quality

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male star drove million luxury

8 month 8 Japan , The video of actor Gao Jialang driving out of the street in a luxury car was exposed on the Internet .

This is from the Internet

He wore a simple coffee that day T T-shirt dress simple and casual , But the car is not low-key at all , Exposed to be worth millions , It really fits the identity of the rich second generation he was exposed before .

I just don't know if my life style is also very casual , Gao Jialang was photographed frequently feeding after driving on the road. Traffic rules , Not only repeatedly pressing the line , It also occupies the emergency lane .

Netizens make complaints about the quality of the Tucao Gao. , There is a big contrast with the program ,“ Such people are annoying when they meet in life , Who cares who he is .“

Many traffic youths have been photographed violating traffic rules , Compared with this, Jackie Chan's son Dong Youlin was directly issued a ticket by the traffic police after driving out of the street in a luxury car , But his attitude is good , Sit in the car and sign , Then continue to go shopping , And I'm in the mood to tidy my hair against the window , Not affected at all .

Gao Jialang is no longer young for the entertainment industry , Already this year 28 Year old , He was in 2012 In Korea Cross Gene Membership debut ,2 After, he withdrew from the league and returned to China for development , I joined in 《 The voice of China 》 and 《 Create a camp 2019》 Waiting for a talent show , It just didn't stir up too much water .

At the beginning of this year , Gao Jialang also announced his relationship on social platforms , Said he and his girlfriend from 19 Started dating at the age of , The two opened and closed several times , Now he wants to be with each other forever , Sweet advertisement is super romantic .

Although it took a huge blow to his popularity , But Gao Jialang himself may not care , He was exposed to be of rich origin , They drive luxury cars , And start your own business .

I hope artists can pay more attention to abiding by laws and regulations .

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