Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. The official blog of rural love wrote: "the immortal" is dead, such as the "Moon" Chan Juan

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yu yuexian died car accident.

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8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》 The actor in “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Early this morning 3 spot 30 about , Yu Yuexian's vehicle collided with two camels , Yu Yuexian was killed , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

Afternoon ,《 Rural love 》 Official blog posts :““ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan , Our beloved teacher Yu Yuexian , Dear aunt Bigfoot , Country love is the closest family , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good ”.

As 《 Rural love 》 The soul figure in ,“ Thank you ” His death is undoubtedly the regret of the play , It also makes many viewers feel sorry , Aunt Bigfoot has accompanied the youth of many people !

《 Rural love 》 After the official blog sent a document , Netizens have commented :“ Country love has no love , Big foot supermarket has no boss ”,“ I feel very uncomfortable ”,“ The Avatar was changed to black and white , Bigfoot supermarket is gone , Mr. Yu walked well all the way ”,“ Uncle Changgui left in the play , Aunt Bigfoot really left us , I'm so sad ”,

After Yu Yuexian died , Her microblog Avatar has also turned black and white .

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian's niece ( Zhao Benshan's daughter ) Ball was still promoting the live broadcast the day after tomorrow , After hearing the news of my aunt's death , The ball deleted the dynamics of publicity , And just officially issued a document :“ notice : It won't start broadcasting during this time , Thank you all for your understanding and support , The specific broadcasting time will be notified separately ”.

The ball put a gray lotus picture , The music is “ As long as it's ordinary ”, It's also the last way to send my aunt in my own way . meanwhile , The live broadcast of the day after tomorrow has been cancelled , Busy with what happened after my aunt died .

Zhao Benshan's daughter and aunt Yu Yuexian have a very good relationship , She replied to netizens' questions in her comment area before , Some people say she looks like aunt Bigfoot , The ball said directly :“ It's my little aunt ”.

The ball is on the air , Yu Yuexian also appeared in his niece's live studio , Cheer for the ball , They have a very good relationship . The sudden death of my aunt , Qiu Qiu is also the first one of Zhao Benshan's family to remember .

Delete the campaign from the ball , And then to notify the live broadcast to cancel , It can be seen that after learning the news of her aunt's death , The whole family is busy dealing with it .

After Yu Yuexian died ,《 Rural love 》 The director 、 The actors of Benshan group collectively cherish the memory of Yu Yuexian , As someone who used to work with her 《 Rural love 》 Director and actors of Benshan group , They have remembered in their circle of friends “ Thank you ”.

Wensong , Little Shenyang , Wang Xiaoli ( Lennon ) couple , Ya eggs use their own way , Post on major social accounts , See you off in your own way “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian's last journey .

《 Rural love 》 How many people were accompanied , Li Ronghao 、 Xiao Jingteng 、 Zhong Hanliang, these Hong Kong and Taiwan stars , Are all loyal fans of the play . Ying caier's father also sent a document :“ I like country love , I like Miss Xie Dajiao Yu Yuexian , It's easy all the way , Blissful Wonderland continues to spread country love stories !”

《 Rural love 》 The goddess aunt Bigfoot is gone , I hope Miss Yu Yuexian will go well all the way !

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