Now get on the bus and dig in Ethereum. Is there any play

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bus dig ethereum. ethereum play

People familiar with Ethereum should know ,ETH from 2013 Since its birth in, it has been nearly 8 Years. , This is a long history in digital currency . Because of the long time , It has also accumulated many loyal supporters , They are committed to Ethereum mining , At the same time, Ethereum is also trusted by many investors , I think digging Ethereum is relatively stable . But because of its long history , Many novice miners who haven't appeared will have a question , That is, is there any play in Ethereum mining now ?

Strictly speaking , It's really late to get on the train and dig in Ethereum , You know, the first miners to join , If you hoard money until now , That's a lot of money , It may even have achieved financial freedom . Now everyone has seen the value of Ethereum , So the miners are becoming more and more , The competitive pressure has also become greater , But that's not to say it's over , You can still dig Ethereum .

You have to ask if it's too late , It's really a little late to join the mining now , But do you still make money ? It does make money ! Therefore, specific analysis is still needed for this situation , If you say you don't make money, there won't be so many people involved in mining now , Everyone has accepted 9 Of one-year compulsory education , They are all excellent , It's not that people are stupid and have a lot of money, is it ? Just like someone asked, do you still make money from making a treasure now ? There must still be some money , Otherwise, how can there be so many new stores open ? Almost the same reason , Is that so? ?

The etheric fang (Ethereum, abbreviation ETH) It's an open source 、 Public blockchain platform integrating smart contract function . at present , Ethereum uses PoW Consensus , The mining algorithm is Ethash( Also known as DaggerHashimoto), Support GPU Mining machines and some customized mining machines . Hardware preparation :ETH Ethereum mining mainly uses high-end 3G Video memory above graphics card to mine , So you need a computer with the following devices :

The graphics card :6 Zhang rx470 or gtx1060 The above graphics cards , Video memory recommendation 4G above , a main board : Need to have 6 More than pci-e slot , At present, there are mainboard direct plug and adapter board on the market 2 Kind of . Generally speaking, straight in 6 Card or 8 The card motherboard is relatively stable . Power Supply : Power supply, number of video cards , commonly 6 Card needs 850w above . But now few people configure and assemble mining machines by themselves , More people will choose some professional and formal platforms to directly buy mining machines and then host mining , More convenient and worry-free .

For professional miner and ore card , If the mining efficiency is much higher than the general game graphics card , The mining industry will certainly eliminate backward production capacity , Such a profitable industry , No, it's still human ? The same is true of lock calculation force , Mining machine is to improve efficiency , Locking force is to actively reduce mining efficiency , Let the mine owner choose efficient equipment , it will work .

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